Bastrop, Thomas

Birth Name Bastrop, Thomas
Gender male
Age at Death about 52 years


From The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography Volume 29, page 43 titled Virginia Gleanings in England pertaining to a last will and testament dated May 14, 1651 of Thomas Baytup, of Tenterden, clothier, husband of Mary, father of Daniel, Thomas, James, Mary and Susan, Brother of James Baytup, Daniel Baytup, Susan Baytup and William Boyse.

(Thomas Baytop or Baytup came to Virginia in 1679 and settled in Gloucester County where he died in 1691, his brother Daniel Baytop of Maidstone, Kent becoming his administrator. In the records of York County, 1691 is the following, "Daniel Baytopp of Maidstone in ye County of Kent, grocer, brother of Thomas Baytop and guardian and administrator of Thomas Baytop, the minor, constitutes Capt. Francis Page in Virginia his attorney to take possession of ye plantations, stock, etc of ye said Baytopp in ye parts of America in rights of ye minor, Jan. 20, 1691. The said Thomas Baytop, merchant, deceased came over to Virginia twelve years before the above date and came from Staplehurst where he lived for several years in the lawful estate of MATRIMONY WITH HANNAH, HIS WIFE and where was born his son Thomas Baytopp, May 09, 1676, as appears by the Register of Staplehurst and by the testimonies of his Godfather, Peter Burren of the same place, clock maker, aged 58yrs and John Stanter, clerk and register of the aforesaid parish of Staplehurst, aged 69 years. Thomas Baytop who came to Virginia in 1679 was the son named in the will. For an account of the family in Virginia see "A History of Two Virginia Families Translated from County Kent England" by Dr and Mrs W. C. Stubb's.)


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1638 Staplehurst, Kent, England    
Death about 1690 York, VA    


Family of Bastrop, Thomas and Pell, Elizabeth

Married Wife Pell, Elizabeth ( * 1610 + 1640 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Bastrop, Annabout 16641724-07-27


    1. Bastrop, Thomas
      1. Pell, Elizabeth
        1. Bastrop, Ann