Jones, Solomon

Birth Name Jones, Solomon
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1840 Tennessee, USA    


Family of Jones, Solomon and Davenport, Minerva

Married Wife Davenport, Minerva ( * 1830 + ... )

in Jackson County, TN. 3 sisters, Minerva, Nelly, and Amanda, living with Solomon (1880 as "Selerom Jones and Marthy Jones"). They all appear to be lying about their age! perhaps because Solomon is younger.

(see other Minerva Davenport) in 1880, a Minerva Davenport she lives with sister Polly Veatch, but says born 1832 )

no trace of Solomon or Minerva after 1880


    1. Jones, Solomon
      1. Davenport, Minerva