Leigh, ?

Birth Name Leigh, ?
Gender male


Family of Leigh, ?


probable brothers from "Descendants of John Leigh of Orange County"
"John Leigh of Orange County North Carolina was in Orange County by 1785 when Richard Leigh
(probably a brother to John) witnessed a deed to John. (Curtis Booker) From letters written in the 1820's
Curtis also would conclude that Richard's wife was Rachel Bingham sister to John's second wife, Leah
Bingham. Thus their children (John 's and Richard's) by these marriages were double first cousins, very
close genetically. Unfortunately, Richard had only daughters.
John Leigh had three marriages; (1) to an unknown Richeson lady, (2) to Leah Bingham, Stephen
Bingham's daughter (King William County, Va.), and (3) to Caty Watts. He also had 21 children, 2 by
the first wife, 8 by Leah Bingham and 11 by Caty Watts. He tried to populate the west by himself ! He
was feisty also, taking out a newspaper ad to assure the public that he had not given a slave girl to his
son Jack despite rumors to the contrary.
His DNA trail has been found and measured and it is a 65/67 match to our "reference" DNA from Col.
William Leigh meaning that he is without doubt close kin to the Colonel's other progeny. He may be a
brother of William Leigh of Amherst County, Va. This is supported by the number of common family
names between the two families. To wit: John, Jane, Patsy, Richard, William, Diana, Elizabeth, and
William of Amherst names a son George Ware Leigh and John of Orange names a son Spencer Ware
Leigh. Of course, with 21 children John of Orange might be expected to cover the spectrum of names.
There is also common ground between John of Orange children's names and those of Richard Leigh who
married Leah Bingham's sister Rachel."

also see http://genforum.genealogy.com/cgi-bin/print.cgi?leigh::555.html

Name Birth Date Death Date
Leigh, Johnabout 17411821-02-09
Leigh, Richardabout 17441814


    1. Leigh, ?
        1. Leigh, John
        2. Leigh, Richard