Dixon, Mary

Birth Name Dixon, Mary
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1738 Granville Co., NC    


Family of Dixon, Mary

Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1759-12-00 North Carolina, USA    

Many trees confuse these 2 Mary's. All the children listed in his will came from his 2nd wife.
"Will of John Parham, Elbert Co., GA, signed Aug 2, 1804, registered Apr 22, 1805. I give estate to wife, Mary, for life. At her death to my several children, viz: Elizabeth Bennett, Cannon Parham, John Parham, Isam Parham, Nancy Sargent, Mary Upshaw, Thomas Parham, Holeberry Hicks, Mildred Parham, Dickson Parham, Frances Parham and Lucy Parham. My estate consists of a small tract of land on Dove's Creek on which I live, six Negroes,, small stock of horses, etc. Sons, John and Isom and friend William Davis, Executors. Witnesses, David Hicks, Edmond Shackleford and Thomas Parham."

Name Birth Date Death Date
Parham, Ishamabout 1770
Parham, Mary Polly1782-04-191852-12-11


    1. Dixon, Mary
        1. Parham, Isham
        2. Parham, Mary Polly