Campbell, James Sir 1

Birth Name Campbell, James Sir
Gender male
Age at Death 92 years, 9 months, 13 days


(Sir) James Campbell:

Vol. 1, #4&5, Winter 1987 (Clintwood, VA:Authors)
p. 14-17. Pedigree chart submitted by Susan Farmer, 17 Danville Circle;
Knoxville, TN 37923:
1270. (Sir) James Campbell fifth Baronet of Archinbreck
1271. (Lady) Susan Campbell
2540. (Sir) Duncan Campbell
2541. Harriet
2542. Elexander Campbell (of Cawder)
5080. (Sir) Archibald Campbell
5081. Margaret Campbell
5082. Alexander First Earl of Balearres
10162. (Sir) Colin Campbell
10163. Elizabeth Brodie
20324. (Sir) John of Cawdor Campbell
20325. Jean Campbell
20326. David Brodie
40648. John Campbell of Cawdor
40649. Mary Keith
40650. (Sir) John Campbell of Glanarchy
81296. Line continues to Robert the Bruce, King David I of Scotland, William
the Conqueror, Charlemagne, Henry I, King of France and Richard de Clar
Magna Carta Surety
81298. William Keith fourth Earl Marshall of Scotland.

p. 24-26. "Campbell Lineage"
1. King David I of Scotland married 1109 Lady Maud, daughter of Waltheof
II. Waltheof (Waldeophus) was the Earl of Northumberland (King David
died May 24, 1153). His son:
2. Prince Henry, Earl of Northumberland, married 1139 Adaline (Ada)
daughter of William, Earl of Warren and Isabel de Vermandois (daughter o
Hugh the great, Commander of the FIRST CRUSADE, who died in 1101).
Explanation: Prince Hugh Magnus (the great), was the Duke of France an
Burgandy, County of Vermandois, crusader; he married Adelheid, Countess
of Vermandois, daughter of Herbert IV, Count of of Vermandois, and they
had a daughter, Isabel. The parents of Prince Hugh the Great were Henry
I, King of France and Anne of Russia. Isabel de Vermandois (daughter of
Hugh and Adelheid) married twice. 1) Robert de Beaumont, Earl of
Meullent and then created Earl of Leceister. Robert died in 1168. 2)
William de Warren, a companion of William the Conqueror (at least, his
father was a companion of William the Conqueror). William Sr married
Gundred, daughter of William the Conqueror and Matilda of Flanders. All
descendants of William de Warren are descendants of William the
Conqueror. Lady Isabel de Vermandois-de Bellomon (Beaumont)-de
Warren died in 1131. She is the connecting link between many famous rule
of continental Europe; England and America, (Ref: YOUR FAMILY TREE by
David S Jordan).
William, Earl of Warren was also second Earlof Surry. This line,
through Isabel de Vermandois, traces back to Charlemange (his wife was,
Princess Hildegard of Savoy, a Swabian princess. Lady Isabel is
thirteenth in descent from Charlemagne.
3. The son of Prince Henry, Earl of Northumberland and Ada, was David,
Earl of Huntington, crusader. He married Maud de Maschines, daughter of
Hugh de Maschines (Meschines)-Hugh de Kyvelicok, fifth Earl of Palatine
of Chester. David was a brother of Malcom IV and William IV (kings of
Scotland). The younger daughter of David and Maude was:
4. Isabel de Huntington who married Rober de Brus (Bruce), Earl of
Annandale. The son of this couple was:
5. Robert Bruce, Earl of Annandale and by the way of his mother was also
the Earl of Huntington. Robert Bruce married Isabel, daughter of Gilbert
de Clare (Magna Carta son of Richard de Clare-Magna Carta Surety) and
Amelia Meullent. Richard de Clare, fourth Earl of Hertford died in 1217.
He descended from Sveide, the Viking. Amicia of Gloucester was Ricahrd's
Gilbert de Clare was born ca. 1180 and died October 25, 1230, His
wife, Isabel, was a sister of William Marshall, Surety.
6. Robert Bruce, Earl of Carrick via his wife, born 1243 and died 1304,
married Marhory de Carrick (daughter and c-heir of Sir Neil Kennedy, Ear
of Carrick). Their son:
7. Robert Bruce (The Bruce), King of Scotland. He was born July 11, 1274
at Writte, Essex and died June 7, 1329 at Dumbarton. He was crowned at
Scone March 27, 1306. His first wife was Isabel, daughter of Donald,
tenth Earl of Mar. (Second wife: Elizabeth de Burgh). The daughter of
Robert and Isabel was:
8. Marjory Bruce. She was the second wife of Walter, Lord High steward of
Scotland. They took the name of Stewart as their surname. Their oldest
9. John (renamed Robert) Stewart became King Robert II, succeeding his
uncle, King David II (King Robert I, son by his second wife, Elizabeth).
King Robert II, was born March 2, 1315 and died May 13, 1390. His first
wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Adam Mure of Rowallan, Earl of
Strathearn. Their younger son:
10. Robert Stewart, Earl of Fife, first Earl of Albany. Married first,
Margaret Graham, daughter of John, and granddaughter of Sir Patrick
Graham of Kincardine. Their daughter:
11. Marjory Stewart (Stuart) married Sir Duncan Campbell, first Lord of
Lochow. Their son:
12. Archibald, Master of Campbell, married first, Elizabeth Somerville,
daughter of John, the third Lord of Carnworth. Their son:
13. Sir Colin Campbell, first Earl of Argyle, married Isabel, daughter of
John Stewart of Lorn. their son:
14. Sir Archibald Campbell was the second Earl of Argyle and killed at
Flodden Field in 1513. He had married Elizabeth, daughter of John
Stewart, first Earl of Lennox (from Murdock, second Earl of Albany).
Their son:
15. Sir John Campbell of Calder (CAWDER) married Muriel, daughter of Sir
John Calder (Note: this is where Mary Campbell stops her direct descent
from the Earls of Argyle. Sir John's older brother becomes the third Ear
of Argyle). John and Muriel's son:
17. [should be 16...wei???]
John Campbell of CAWDER, married Mary, daughter of William Keith,
fourth Earl Marshall of Scotland. Their son:
18. Sir John Campbell of Cawder married first, Jean, daughter of Sir John
Campbell of Glanarchy whose second son was:
19. Sir Colin Campbell, tutor of Cawder. He married Elizabeth, daughter of
David Brodie. their daughter:
20. Margaret Campbell married Sir Archibald Campbell of Knockmellie. Their
21. Sir Duncan Campbell, fourth baron Campbell, married Harriet, daughter
of Alexander, first Earl of Balearres. Their son:
22. Sir James Campbell married, as his second wife, Susan, daughter of
Alexander Campbell of Calder (Cawder). their daughter (his fifth) was:
23. Mary Campbell. She married Michael Woods and they migrated to
Pennsylvania and then to Albemarle County, VA.
p. 30. FamilyGroupSheet.
Sir James Campbell d. Oct 14, 1756, s/o Sir Duncan Campbell and Harriet of
Balcarres. m/1 Janet McLeod; m/2 Lady Susan Campbell, dau of Sir Archibald
Campbell; m/3 Margaret Campbell.
8 children by Susan; 4 children by Janet and 4 children by Margaret.
refs: Burke's PEERAGE-1930. p. 432. xx 5th Baronet of Auchinbreck. - In
parliment 1702-1707. xxx(William) his son, became the 7th bart.
Janet McLeo dau of Norman McLeod of Dunnegan.
Duncan son, Jas. became 6th Baronet of Auchinbreck--Sir Jas. Campbell.
b. 1721 (gr son Jas - 5th Bart.

!RESEARCHER: Yvonne James Henderson ( via AOL 3 Aug 1995.
Gedcom = Hend95.GED
Ahnentafel Chart...
550 Sir James Campbell-123 b 1664; d 14 Oct 1756
551 Susan Campbell-125 b 1668
1100 Sir Duncan Campbell-1741
1101 Harriett-1742 b of Balcarres

!RESEARCHER: Jeanne Bond (via FIDONET, KKBBS, Emporia, KS)
message dated 23 Jun 1996.
...notes I have came from Edward Woods, 813-835-0256, in 1994, who was
researching this line at Tampa-Hills Co. Public Library...
Mary Campbell m Michael Woods, she the dau of
Sir James Campbell m Susan Campbell, he the son of
Sir Duncan Campbell (4th Baron) m Harriet Campbell, he the son of
Sir Colin Campbell, tuto of Cawdor, m Eliz. Brode, he the son of
Sir John Campbell of Calder, m Jean Campbell...
and back through the Lords of LOCHOW.
Mr Edward Woods is descended as follows:
John Campbell (1660-1741) and Grace Hay, had
David Campbell (b 1706), m Mary Hamilton, b 1716, had
David Campbell (1750-1812), m Elizabeth Outlaw (1767-1821), had
Alexander Campbell (1790-1840), m Betsy Wilson, had
Andrew Jackson Campbell (b 1822), m Elizabeth Perkins, b 1828, had
Isom Campbell (1845-1905), m Hannah Baird, had
Eliza Jane Campbell (11 Mar 1885 - 11 Mar 1951), m John Wood [sic] (19 Sep
1872-1945), had
William Thomas Woods (16 Sep 1915-21 Jul 1984), m Evelyn Coots, had
Harold Edward Woods (person who had the info)


Event Date Place Description Sources
Nobility Title     Sir  
Birth 1664      
Death 1756-10-14