(Drake), Joan

Birth Name (Drake), Joan
Birth Name (Drake), Joan
Gender female
Age at Death unknown


From "Drake in England" p. 75: "Joan Drake...was presented for the assizes of bread and ale between 1424 and 1438 and, at the Court held on June 8, 1441 as 'a common scold and disturber of the peace.' She survivedher husband, to whose lands she had the reversion according to the terms of his death-bed surrender, and it was reported to the Court on August 28, 1481 that she had died since the previous Court." Based on these court dates, it is evident that she was married no later than 1424 and was very likely born no later than 1408.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth before 1408 Great Waltham, Essex, England    
Death before 1481-08-28 Great Waltham, Essex, England    
Birth before 1408 Great Waltham, Essex, England    


Family of Drake, Edmund and (Drake), Joan

Married Husband Drake, Edmund ( * + before 1471-10-17 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage before 1424 Great Waltham, Essex, England Marriage of Drake, EDMUND and ?, JOAN  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Drake, Thomasbefore 1437
Drake, Williambefore 1445before 1510-12-19


    1. (Drake), Joan
      1. Drake, Edmund
        1. Drake, Thomas
        2. Drake, William