Gobble, Sarah Jane

Birth Name Gobble, Sarah Jane
Gender female
Age at Death more than 82 years


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1848 Virginia, USA    
Death after 1930      


Family of Davenport, Thomas Jefferson and Gobble, Sarah Jane

Married Husband Davenport, Thomas Jefferson ( * 1842-08-18 + 1928-10-01 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1866-02-08 Washington, Virginia    

lives next to John Gobbles and David Davenport in 1870:
Home in 1870: North Fork, Washington, Virginia (as "Tokes J Davenport")
Home in 1880: John Davis, Martin, Kentucky
Home in 1900: North Fork, Washington Co, VA (Birth years are off for both Thomas and Sarah; Thomas could have remarried another Sarah b. Mar 1851 because she says mother of 3 , currently in the household as:
Martin T Apr 1887 VA
Jesse P Mar 1891 VA
Margaret L Mar 1891 VA )
Except they both say married 34 years. Must be Thomas because David and James live next door.
Home in 1910: Camargo, Douglas, Illinois (only Jess is still at home; Margaret married next door; Sarah again mother of 12 - 9 still living)

Arminta not in TJ Davenport's hh. Found here - http://digginupfamily.com/davenport.asp

Name Birth Date Death Date
Davenport, Mahala A1867
Davenport, James Thomas1870-02-00
Davenport, Laura A1872
Davenport, David1874-01-171931-04-01
Davenport, William Henry1876-02-291965-05-17
Davenport, Lydia1879
Davenport, John W1880after 1930
Davenport, Armintaabout 1884
Davenport, Martin Thomas1887-04-00
Davenport, Margaret L1891-03-15
Davenport, Jesse Paul1891-03-151978-06-27