Lederman, Johann Theobald Dewalt

Birth Name Lederman, Johann Theobald Dewalt
Call Name Hans
Gender male
Age at Death 70 years


Leatherman Genealogy -



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1690 Alsace Lorraine or Schwartzenau, Wittgenstein, Germany    
Immigration 1727-09-00   from Rotterdam to Philadelphia, PA on the ship "James Goodwill"  
Death 1760 Pennsylvania    
Event Note

no known record of his death or any move from Philadelphia.


Family of Lederman, Johann Theobald Dewalt and Engel, Anna Maria Margaretha

Married Wife Engel, Anna Maria Margaretha ( * 1695 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1710      

Family arrived in US 27 Sep 1727

see http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/l/e/a/Lawrence-Leach/GENE5-0001.html
"According to Shirley Ann Lawing and Ruth Leatherman Seabock (Leatherman family researchers in Lincoln County North Carolina, Johann Nicholas was baptized on 7 September 1724 at Dehlingen Lutheran Church. He travelled to America on the ship James Goodwill in 1727 with his father Hans Diebold, mother Anna Maria Engle, and four brothers. In 1775 the Nicholas Leatherman family moved to the Reedy Creek area of Rowan County North Carolina from a farm in Maryland owned by Nicholas which he had named "Shady Grove". It appears as though his sons John, Christian, Jonas and Daniel had arrived at Reedy Creek sometime earlier, probably early 1770's. Early Rowan County colonial records show Feb 12, 1780 "Ordered that Nicholas & Ztian (Christian) Leatherman, Dunkers in the same district, be released from a 12 fold tax and reduced to a 3 fold tax. Probably due to these men entering into some kind of service other than military, ie; prison guard, overseer of the road, river crossing guard, etc. The term "Dunkers" is a name the English called these primitive baptists who called themselves "The Brethren". Their religious beliefs were very much like German Mennonites. They were an Amish-like group that could not swear an oath, charge interest, own slaves, fight in war, or hire anyone to go for them. The brother Daniel, Nicholas and his son Christian were active ministers and elders. Additional reference to this family has been recorded in "Eighteenth Century Emigrants from the Northern Alsace to America" by Annette Kunselman Burgert on pages 330 and 331."

Name Birth Date Death Date
Lederman, Hans Peter1711-09-18
Lederman, Maria Ursula1714-04-17
Lederman, unknown1714-04-17
Lederman, Catharina Barbara1716-01-25
Lederman, Hans Daniel1718-11-06
Lederman, Johann Melchior1721-04-23
Lederman, Anna Catherina1723-05-17
Letman, Nicholas (Johan Nickel)1724-09-071782
Lederman, Johan Christian1730-08-27