Carver, Cornelius

Birth Name Carver, Cornelius
Gender male
Age at Death more than 58 years


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1833 Tennessee, USA    
Death after 1891 Jackson, TN    


Family of Carver, Cornelius and Davenport, Hannah E

Married Wife Davenport, Hannah E ( * 1853-05-00 + 1932 )

A guess from "Hannah E" neighbors of Andrew and Elizabeth Davenport in 1880 Census and of the correct age (27)

Name Birth Date Death Date
Carver, William J1874
Carver, Martha J1876
Carver, George Milton1878-08-281954-06-02
Carver, Telorie M1881-01-00
Carver, Cannie E1883-08-00
Carver, Lillie A1888-05-00
Carver, Alice J1891-06-00