Massachusetts Probate Court Records of Hampshire County Probate Records 1660-1916 Vol II


An inventory of John's estate shows his estate was worth 104 pounds.


The will & testament of John Harman of Springfield deceased who died the 7th day of March 1660/1661. Know all whom this may concern that John Harman of Springfield being sick and weak in body, but of ready memory and understanding, being requested on the 4th day of March 1660/61 to settle his worldly affairs, did refuse to dispose of anything particularly, but said he would leave all that he had into his wife's hand for he said she is a tender mother; therefore, she should have the disposal of all. This was spoke by the said John Harman the day before above mentioned being two days before his death: Witnesses whereunto were: Elizur Holyoke and John Lumbard. Recorded May 13, 1661.


    1. Death, Harmon, John
      1. Harmon, John (Primary)
    2. Harmon, John