This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Sears. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Sears, Abner  
Sears, Adam 1799-02-14
Sears, Adam 1851-10-22
Sears, Barton Rice 1820-07-14
Sears, Benjamin 1821-11-14
Sears, Benjamin Everett 1887-06-13
Sears, Benjamin F 1857-03-14
Sears, Catherine 1779-01-06
Sears, Claude A about 1888
Sears, David 1791-12-17
Sears, George Jacob 1789-03-05
Sears, Henry M. 1784-05-04
Sears, James M 1863-06-09
Sears, Jennetta Jane 1859-07-26
Sears, Johanes Christian (Zaher) 1710
Sears, John about 1749
Sears, John 1776
Sears, John Michael 1838-09-19
Sears, John Rice 1847-07-17
Sears, Keziah  
Sears, Mary 1786
Sears, Mary Ann 1854-04-01
Sears, Mary M about 1823
Sears, Matthias 1795-04-30
Sears, Michael A 1844-11-03
Sears, Michael Alexander 1797-04-24
Sears, Nancy E 1849-08-22
Sears, Noah 1851-10-22
Sears, Solomon 1801-06-13
Sears, Susan 1795-10-10