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Name Birth
Robling, Austie Virgil 1885-02-22
Robling, Dorothy 1827-02-01
Robling, Elizabeth 1800
Robling, Elizabeth Caroline 1826-04-06
Robling, James 1802
Robling, Jemima Belle 1860
Robling, John Lewis Sr 1792-11-29
Robling, John Lewis 1819-08-24
Robling, John Lewis 1821
Robling, Lewis about 1767
Robling, Lewis Jr 1794-11-15
Robling, Mahala 1819
Robling, Mary 1806
Robling, Mary Cline 1796-11-21
Robling, Nancy 1822
Robling, Peter Jr  
Robling, Peter Jackson Sr 1791-06-04
Robling, Peter Jackson Jr 1832-12-15
Robling, Samuel Wilson 1859-05-13
Robling, Sarah before 1741
Robling, Sarah 1762
Robling, Sarah 1800
Robling, Susan 1836-01-00
Robling, William Henry 1837-02-04
Robling, William Washington 1796-11-21
Robling, William Wilson 1914-10-10
Robling, [Living]  
Robling, [Living]  
Robling, [Living]  
Robling, [Living]