Welcome to Our Family Tree

Our Davenports are known back to about 1750 Virginia. When I joined the Davenport DNA Project, I thought surely we belong to the Pamunkey line, because of similar location and given names, but instead found a group of us un-related to the other well-known Virginia Davenports. We all share though a close proximity to south-western Virginia. The number of markers differences between us argue for our Davenport line going back at least several generations before that. All 4 branches of our Davenport's seem to have been poor farmers, and so generated few records which have survived. I've put all known, related Davenports in my database now, and I'm here.

See my conclusions on our Davenports. My Davenport paper trail starts with the "Four Brothers" who came to Jackson County, Tennessee over the years 1812-1817 - Joseph, Henry, James, and Charles. Henry was my gggggrandfather born about 1790 in Virginia. Joseph and his family left to De Kalb County, Alabama about 1832. From the 4 brothers hundreds of Davenports followed.

My father, Larry Davenport, was born in Newton, KS and married my mother Lavera Lee McRoberts of Wichita. Lee came from a long line of pioneers and farmers, but her line goes back much further to include many of the original settlers in the American Colonies. Her grandmother was a Gage which has been traced back to a William Gage of Freetown, MA born before 1696. Over a dozen of them fought in the Revolutionary War. On her father's side are my Scottish roots and many famous Colonialists, like pilgrams and Governor William Bradford. Thanks to generations of family historians before me, she has almost 800 ancestors in her tree.

I was lucky to have inherited many papers and photos of my ancestors back to the 19th century - see my tree. If you find a relative in here, let me know! I may have more info about them.

I use Gramps on Linux to organize my data. Gramps is outstanding open-source software I recommend for everyone. An export of this database appears at rootsweb's WorldConnect.

Please contact me for changes or additions - kdavenpo-at-tx-dot-rr-dot-com or Kyle Davenport on ancestry.com

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