Booth, George

Birth Name Booth, George
Gender male
Age at Death 84 years, 7 months, 13 days


[kdd: note no mention of a William Parham son of John Parham and Mary Booth]
page 22 Sussex Co. Will Book "A" 1754-1764(p.292) George Booth...15 Mar 1763/ 15 Sep 1763.... Grandson George Booth, son of George Booth, my land on south side of Sappony Creek and south west side of Stoney Creek. Grandson George Parham, son of John Parham, rest of my land (270) acres in sussex CO. Grandson John Parham. Grandson Thomas Parham. Grandson Matthew Parham. Granddaughter Anne Heath. Daughter , Mary Parham, a slave for life and then to granddaughter, Anne Heath. Grandson Reubin Booth. Grandson Thomas Booth. Grandson Gilliam Booth. Grandson John Booth. Granddaughter Mary Booth. Daughter, Ann Malone. Granddaughter Lucy Jones. Grandson George Malone. Grandson Reubin Malone. Granddaughter Winifred Robertson. Grandson Booth Malone. Granddaughter Wilmoth Malone. Grandson William Malone. Friend Lucy Hill. Grandson George Booth the rest of my estate and he is to be executor. Wit: Amos Love, John Malone and Frederick Smith.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1679 Prince George Co, VA    
Death 1763-08-14 Sussex, VA    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Booth, Humphrey1660
Mother (Booth), Ann
         Booth, George 1679 1763-08-14


Family of Booth, George and Mallone?, Mary?

Married Wife Mallone?, Mary? ( * about 1679 + ... )

Mary Booth's tree from here -

Additional children here, probably his grandchildren. Only 3 children mentioned in will.

Most trees have mother Amey Malone b.1714 after the birth of his children!

"John PARHAM married Mary BOOTH, daughter of George Booth and Mary (Malone?), in 1737 in Glouchester Co., VA"

Name Birth Date Death Date
Booth, Ann1694
Booth, George1705
Booth, Maryabout 1720before 1805

Family of Booth, George and Malone, Amey

Married Wife Malone, Amey ( * 1714 + 1752 )