Locke, Joseph

Birth Name Locke, Joseph 1a 2a
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


Lived at Locke's Cove, and was a selectman, 1726-39. Was called Captain and Ensign; became a moderator from 1730-42 and town clerk in 1739. Joseph had a slave by the name of Nimshi who enlisted and served under Captain Joseph Parsons at Fort William and Mary, and was on Captain Parsons' roll at Cambridge. He was paid September 6, 1776 in Captan Jonathan Robins' Company, and was killed during the war. According to Locke: "Tradition says that he was freed by Jeremiah [Joseph's son] before enlistment, so he fought and died as a free man." In Joseph's will, dated February 15, 1763: "Captain Joseph Locke, of Rye, Gent., for 10000 pounds do convey to my son Jeremiah all my land 115 acres at (Lock's) Neck, one half grist Mill, tools, etc.; also Nimshi, a Molater boy until he is 30 years of age."


Event Date Place Description Sources
Nobility Title     Captain  
Birth   Rye, Rockingham Co, NH    
Death 1768-03-00 Rye, Rockingham Co, NH   3a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Locke, Johnbefore 1627-09-161696-08-26
Mother Berry, Elizabethbetween 1633 and 1635after 1708-05-00
    Sister     Locke, Elizabeth before 1708
    Brother     Locke, Edward about 1739
    Sister     Locke, Rebecca after 1708
    Sister     Locke, Mary after 1708
    Brother     Locke, James after 1750
         Locke, Joseph 1768-03-00
    Sister     Locke, Tryphena 1728-03-06
    Sister     Locke, Alice (Elsie) between 1718 and 1724
    Brother     Locke, John 1654 after 1733
    Brother     Locke, Nathaniel 1661 1734-11-12
    Brother     Locke, William 1677-04-17 1768-01-22


Family of Locke, Joseph

Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage before 1710-11-29 Greenland, NH Marriage of Locke, Joseph 4a