Folliott, Elizabeth

Birth Name Folliott, Elizabeth 1
Gender female


My wife is of the Folliott Family of Ballyshannon.
John Folliott m Elizabeth More early 1500's
son Thomas Folliott b.1556 d.1617 m Katherine Lygon (Worcestershire)
son Henry Folliott 1st Lord b.1569 d.1638 m Ann Strode (Ballyshannon)
son Thomas 2nd Lord Folliott b.1613 d.1697 m Rebecca French.(Ballyshannon)
I believe their children to be all girls.
Ann: married John Foley esq
Rebecca: married Job Walker esq
Elizabeth: married 1. Samuel Powell then 2. Thomas Jones
Frances: no detail
Mary d.1738: married Rowland Baugh esq of the stonehouse Shropshire in 1692, we have the datail of all forward of Mary and Rowland Baugh as they are my wife's line.
The name of Folliott remains with the family in both Canada and Australia today as a middle name.
We are most interested to gather information on the Folliott: Lygon : Dennis: Greville and Beauchamp names in this period in both Worcestershire and Nth Ireland.
We believe Rebecca Sandford (nee Walker) is the daughter of Rebecca Walker (nee Folliott), father Job Walker.
Rebecca Walker(nee Folliott) the daughter of Rebecca Folliott (nee French) father 2nd Lord Thomas Folliott.
Sister of Rebecca Walker is Ann Walker she married into the Baugh family of Shropshire by marrying Thomas Folliott Baugh in the 1740's, and we have the names; Job Walker Baugh; Folliott Walker Baugh and Thomas Folliott Baugh all descendants of the Baugh's of the Stonehouse Shropshire. The Baugh's in their time were Squires, Admirals, Captains Generals and Colonels. A most interesting trail of ancestors and descendants. If you have further detail I would greatly appreciate further communication.

Randall Jones


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1661-06-01 Cheesecake, York, Va    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Folliott, Edward16101690
         Folliott, Elizabeth 1661-06-01


Family of Hansford, Charles and Folliott, Elizabeth

Married Husband Hansford, Charles ( * 1654-05-09 + 1702-07-24 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage before 1675 Cheesecake, York, Va    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Hansford, Marthaabout 1678


  1. Folliott, Edward
    1. Folliott, Elizabeth
      1. Hansford, Charles
        1. Hansford, Martha

Source References

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