Hoskins, Sarah

Birth Name Hoskins, Sarah
Gender female
Age at Death 34 years, 3 months, 16 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1637-09-16 Plymouth Colony    
Death 1672 Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hoskins, William16161695-09-07
Mother Cushman, Sarah16151638
         Hoskins, Sarah 1637-09-16 1672


Family of Meador, Thomas and Hoskins, Sarah

Married Husband Meador, Thomas ( * 1638 + 1662-04-00 )

note from Robert McQuillan at https://wc.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=mcquillancross10&id=I19044

" Some question abt which Thomas she married
Thomas of Old Rappahannock died Apr 1662 or
Thoams Meade of Lancaster Co, died abt 1655

I think Old Rappahannock - will below of Sarah

WILL: 13 Apr 1662 - 12 Jul 1662(Old Rappahannock Co, Va. DB Part II of 1656-1664:187-188) Apr. 13, 1662. These presents Witnesseth that I Sarah MEADER Widdow Wife of Thomas MEADER the Younger leately deced in the County of Rappa. I Sarah MEADER do bind & oblige myself my Exrs. or Admrs. to confirme unto my Son John MEADER Sone unto Thomas MEADER lateley deced one yoak of Oxen & one gun Seaven foot by the barrell to be delivered unto my Son John MEADER when he comes of age & furthermore I give as my full act & deed unto my Eldest Daughter Susanna MEADER one red Cow called Cherry & her Cow Calf & increase to my aforesaid Daughter only excepting the male of the catle to fall unto me the abovesaid Sarah MEADER untill my Daughter be full Eleven years of age & after the expiracon of the aforesaid years male & female to fall unto my Eldest Daughter Susanna MEADER. Item I give unto my youngest Daughter Mary MEADER Daughter of the abovesaid Thomas MEADOR one Black heaffer named Slippey she & her increase to my youngest only the male Excepted to fall unto I the said Sarah MEADER untill my youngest Daughter be fully nine years of age & after the Expiracon of the aforesaid nine years male & female to fall unto Mary MEADER & if it shall please God that my Eldest Daughter shall dye in her minority that all her Catle & their increase shall fall unto her Sister Mary MEADER and likewise in case it should please God that my youngest Daughter Mary MEADER should dye in her minority that her Catle unto my Eldest Daughter Susanna MEADER & furthermore in case that my youngest Daughter Mary MEADER her heiffer should miscarry before she comes to perfeccon that there shall another heiffer or Cow of the same age & her increase to be made good as aforesaid to my Daughter Mary MEADER ? to be recorded in Court the first or second Courte ensuing the date hereof by any person that I the said Sarah MEADER shall appoint always provided that there be severall marks nominate & recorded for the abovesaid Childrens Catle them & their increase. In confirmacon I Sarah MEADER bind myself?my hand this 13th day of Aprill 1662. In presence of Abraham COOMBE Sarah [T] MEADER William CLAWSON

WILL: These Presents testifieth that I, Sarah MEADER, late wife of Thomas MEADER dec'd. in the County of Rappa. oblige myself to give & allow my children a sufficient & compleat maintenance in every respect as all other ought to do and further more to give them four years a piece Education in learning according as the Country doth afford. In confirmation whereof I Sarah MEADER do bind & oblige myself my heirs or assignes for the performance of this above menconed In presence of Abraham COMBE [sic] /s/ Sarah (+) MEADER William CLAWSON. Recorded July 12, 1662 (Old Rappahannock County Deed Abstracts 1656-1664, Part II, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press, McLean, VA)

WILL: Notes: The above Thomas & Sarah (-----) MEADER family have not yet been identified, but were presumably closely related to John MEADOR whom Abraham COMBS termed his "brother in law" in 1683 (See Below). See also Old Rappa Co VA re William CLAWSON of Worcester (Maryland>Delaware or EN?) and Maryland

WILL: Note from Janet: again the Combs family mix the two Johns. John the son of Thomas is not the John who married Joan Combs. John that married Joan Combs is this Thomas brother.

WILL: The Children of Thomas and Sarah:



WILL: 3 Susanna MEADER


Name Birth Date Death Date
Meador, John16581721