Young, James

Birth Name Young, James
Gender male
Age at Death between 67 years, 11 months, 6 days and 74 years, 23 days


Note James Young did not move. His property was in Lincoln County, Virginia from 1 Nov 1780 to 1st Jan 1793 when it became Green County, KY, then Cumberland County in 29th Nov 1799.

James Young in the Lincoln Co, tax list of 1790 -

James on Marrowbone Creek, 1793 "Kentucky, U.S., Land Grants, 1782-1924" on
Grantee: James Young
Number of Acres: 200
Survey Date: 15 Sep 1791
County: Military
WaterCourse: Marrowbone Cr
Book Number: 8

Cumberland River in 1797:
Grantee: James Young
Number of Acres: 100
Survey Date: 20 Jul 1797
County: Military
WaterCourse: Cumberland R
Book Number: 11

Grantee: James Young
Number of Acres: 13
Survey Date: 17 Oct 1806
County: Cumberland
Watercourse: Fk Runnicks Cr
Book Number: 7


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth between 1760 and 1765 Virginia, USA    
Death between 1833-12-06 and 1834-01-24 Cumberland Co, KY    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Young, James17421776
Mother Long, Elizabeth
         Young, James between 1760 and 1765 between 1833-12-06 and 1834-01-24
    Brother     Young, Robert about 1765 between 1817 and 1819
    Brother     Young, Thomas before 1769 1848


Family of Young, James and Breeding, Sarah

Married Wife Breeding, Sarah ( * about 1771 + before 1833-12-00 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1789-10-06 Lincoln, KY    

CHILDREN from Michael Moore:

1 Name: Elizabeth Young
F bir: 8 Apr 1791 Lincoln County, KY
mar: 30 Nov 1815 Cumberland County, KY
to: James A. Linn
dea: 18 Jan 1870 Morgan County, IL

2 Name: Robert Young
M bir: ABT 1795 Green County, KY
mar: 9 Jan 1818 Adair County, KY
to: Elizabeth Breeding
mar: 3 Feb 1828 Adair County, KY
to: Sally Vigus

3 Name: Polly Young
F bir: ABT 1797 Green County, KY
mar: ABT 1819
to: Hardin A. Moorfield

4 Name: Margaret Young
F bir: ABT 1799 Cumberland County, KY
mar: ABT 1820
to: Nicholas Selby
dea: 1851 Scott County, IL

5 Name: Nathaniel M. Young
M bir: ABT 1801 Cumberland County, KY
dea: 28 Aug 1835 Morgan County, IL

6 Name: James Young
M bir: 25 Nov 1803 Cumberland County, KY
mar: ABT 1835
to: Mary Elizabeth Walthal
dea: 14 Apr 1869

7 Name: Sally Young
F bir: ABT 1805 Cumberland County, KY
mar: ABT 1825 Cumberland County, KY
to: Solomon Royce Jr.

8 Name: Nancy Young
F bir: ABT 1807 Cumberland County, KY
mar: EST 1824
to: Ephraim Lynn
dea: BEF 1837

Name Birth Date Death Date
Young, Robert
Young, Polly
Young, Margaret
Young, Nathaniel M
Young, James Jr
Young, Sally
Young, Nancy
Young, Elizabeth1791-04-08