Siebrant, Cornelius Brant (Cornels) - 1

Birth Name Siebrant, Cornelius Brant (Cornels) -
Gender male
Age at Death about 75 years


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Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1685 Montau, Prussia    
Death about 1760 Montau, Prussia    
Event Note

from Dawn Rene Schroeder


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Siebrant, Brant -before 1643before 1695
    Brother     Siebrant, Heinrich Brant - about 1663 DECEASED
    Sister     Siebrant, Katharina B “Trincke” - about 1669 DECEASED
    Sister     Siebrant, Johann Brant (Jahn) - about 1673 DECEASED
    Brother     Siebrant, Franz Brant - about 1674 before 1712
    Sister     Siebrant, Margaretha B “Grettke” - about 1675 DECEASED
    Sister     Siebrant, Anna B “Anke” - about 1670 DECEASED
         Siebrant, Cornelius Brant (Cornels) - about 1685 about 1760


Family of Siebrant, Cornelius Brant (Cornels) -

Name Birth Date Death Date
Siebrant, Cornelius Cornelius (Cornels) -about 1707DECEASED
Siebrant, Heinrich Cornelius -about 1713before 1769
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