Alabama State Marriage Collection 1800-1969

Author Alabama Center for Health Statistics et al.
Publication information various


    1. Marriage, Family of Grimmett, Solomon G and Graham, Sarah S
      1. Graham, Sarah S (Primary)
      2. Grimmett, Solomon G (Primary)
    2. Graham, Sarah S
    3. Grimmett, Solomon G
  1. Jackson County, performed by W A Hood, Justice of the Peace
    1. Reid, Jesse Lindsay
    2. Hinshaw, Mary Ann
    3. Marriage of Hinshaw, Mary Ann
      1. Hinshaw, Mary Ann (Primary)
      2. Reid, Jesse Lindsay (Primary)
  2. Source information: Jordan Dodd, Liahona Research
    1. Hall, William Thomas
    2. Marriage of HALL, William T. and Prince, Hannah T.
      1. Prince, Hannah T. (Primary)
      2. Hall, William Thomas (Primary)
    3. Prince, Hannah T.
    1. Marriage, Family of Wilkes, Henry J and Davenport, Myrtle M
      1. Davenport, Myrtle M (Primary)
      2. Wilkes, Henry J (Primary)
    2. Davenport, Myrtle M
    3. Wilkes, Henry J
    1. Marriage, Family of Davenport, Nicholas Spring III and Harrison, Ida Mae Alice
      1. Harrison, Ida Mae Alice (Primary)
      2. Davenport, Nicholas Spring III (Primary)
    2. Harrison, Ida Mae Alice
    3. Davenport, Nicholas Spring III
    1. marriage of "Elisha Prince" and "Polly Hall"
      1. Prince, Elisha (Primary)
      2. Hall, Mary (Primary)
    2. Hall, Mary
    3. Prince, Elisha
    1. Marriage, Family of Davenport, Henry Rodolphus and McKown, Lela Dee
      1. Davenport, Henry Rodolphus (Primary)
      2. McKown, Lela Dee (Primary)
    2. McKown, Lela Dee
    3. Davenport, Henry Rodolphus
    1. Marriage, Family of Bean, Anderson K and Grimmett, Isadora
      1. Grimmett, Isadora (Primary)
      2. Bean, Anderson K (Primary)
    2. Bean, Anderson K
    3. Grimmett, Isadora
    1. Marriage, Family of Davenport, Emmett Hale and Phillippi, L Marie
      1. Phillippi, L Marie (Primary)
      2. Davenport, Emmett Hale (Primary)
    2. Phillippi, L Marie
    3. Davenport, Emmett Hale
  3. cert# 26927
    1. Cobb, Thomas Darwin
    2. marriage of "Thomas D Cobb" and "Patsy R Hall"
      1. Cobb, Thomas Darwin (Primary)
      2. Hall, Patsy Ruth (Primary)
    3. Hall, Patsy Ruth
    1. Hall, Samuel Hurley Sr
    2. Marriage, Family of Hall, Samuel Hurley Sr and Hinshaw, Mary Robert
      1. Hinshaw, Mary Robert (Primary)
      2. Hall, Samuel Hurley Sr (Primary)
    3. Hinshaw, Mary Robert
    1. Butler, Samuel
    2. Marriage, Family of Butler, Samuel and Hall, Mary Robert
      1. Hall, Mary Robert (Primary)
      2. Butler, Samuel (Primary)
    3. Hall, Mary Robert
    1. Howard, William H
    2. Davenport, Belcour L.
    3. Marriage, Family of Howard, William H and Davenport, Belcour L.
      1. Howard, William H (Primary)
      2. Davenport, Belcour L. (Primary)
    1. of "Willie F Fisher" and "Addie J Davenport"
      1. Davenport, Adaline J (Primary)
      2. Fischer, William F (Primary)
    2. Davenport, Adaline J
    3. Fischer, William F