Carr, Caleb

Birth Name Carr, Caleb
Gender male
Age at Death 79 years, 8 days


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"Gov. Caleb Carr , born in London, Eng., Dec. 9, 1616, came to America with his brother Robert, on the ship Elizabeth Ann, which sailed from London May 9, 1635. He settled in Newport, R.I., with his brother Robert about 1640. He held many offices of public trust and honor during his lifetime, and accumlated considerable property. He was general treasurer from May 21, 1661 to May 22, 1662. In 1687-8, he was justice of the General Quarterly Session and Inferior Court of Common Pleas. He was governor of the colony in 1695, which last office he held till his death, which occured on the 17th day of December, of the same year. He was drowned. In religious belief he was a Friend or Quaker.

He had seven children by his first wife Mercy, (probably Mercy Vaughan) who died Sept. 21, 1675, and was buried in the family burying ground. The inscription on her gravestone reads as follows: “Here lieth interred ye body of Mercy Carr, first wife of Caleb Carr, who departed this life ye 21st day of September, in ye 45th year of her age, and in the year of our Lord, 1675.” His second wife was Sarah Clarke, (Widow Pinner) daughter of Jeremiah Clarke, and sister of Gov. Walter Clarke, and by whom he had four children. She was born in 1651 and died in 1706.

He died Dec.17, 1695, and was buried in the family burying ground on Mill street, beside his first wife. The inscription on his tombstone reads: “Here lieth interred the body of Caleb Carr, governor of this colony, who departed this life ye 17th day of December, 1695, in ye 73rd (79) year of his age.”


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1616-12-09 London, London, England    
Death 1695-12-17 Newport, Newport, RI    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Carr, Benjamin1592-08-181672-06-04
Mother Hardington, Martha15931635-05-00
    Brother     Carr, Robert 1614-10-04 1681-10-00
         Carr, Caleb 1616-12-09 1695-12-17


Family of Carr, Caleb and Vaughn, Mercy

Married Wife Vaughn, Mercy ( * 1630 + 1675-09-21 )

WikiTree for this Caleb Carr has father Governor Caleb Carr. Lucius Weaver's Weaver Genealogy also said Susannah Carr was the great-great-granddaughter of Governor Caleb Carr.

large family -

Gov. Caleb Carr's will is posted on google books - "The Rhode Island Historical Magazine, Volume 3, pg 223". It enumerates his children including Caleb, Jr. Following note says he drowned.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Carr, Caleb1657-08-231700-10-10

Family of Carr, Caleb and Clarke, Sarah

Married Wife Clarke, Sarah ( * 1651 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1675-12-21