Boyd, John

Birth Name Boyd, John
Gender male
Age at Death 65 years, 3 months, 7 days


FAMILY-HISTORY: John BOYD of Berkley Co WV, by Gordon W PAUL; SLC; chapter 1, page 1, NOTE: A Robert BOYD, a native of the Province of Ulster, Ireland, and of Scotch parentage, settled in the Cumberland Valley in the vicinity of what is now Chambersburg, Franklin Co PA, in about the year 1737, on land purchased from the Indians in 1736. Although at this time we are unable to make a connection, thirty-five miles south- southwest on Opequon Creek, across the Potomac River, is the town of Martinsburg, near where our ancestor John BOYD settled. About 1754 John purchased 101 acres of land surveyed to a Robert JACKSON, who at that time was living on the property. As John BOYD's eldest son was born in 13 Apr 1756, it is possible this land purchase marked his arrival in what was then Frederick Co VA. (page 2)..born in England... one of the earliest settlers to the county...was an indian fighter as all early settlers were required to be on account of the frequent incursions of the savages, and always came off victorious in his many encounters with them...He acquired his land in this county by the original grant from Lord FAIRFAX , the patents which are still preserved by descendants....he resided near the North Mountain, about five miles west of Martinsburg... a man of Herculean frame of body, and some anecdotes are related of his hand to hand conflicts with the indians, which demanded all his activity and strength, but in which he was generally victor...he married abt 1754 to Sarah GRYFYTH, a native of WALES, and died in the year 1800, leaving eight children. (page 3) ..BOYD's Gap on the crest of North Mountain is a pass over that mountain that was named after John..three tracts of land totaling 291 acres were taxed to him and were in his posession upon his death in 1800.

DEED: 14 Sep 1782; Curtis MIDKIFF , money of PA pounds, land being in Fayette Co VA, Common Wealth, called the District of KY; Witnesses:John BOYD (Sr), Benjamin MIDCELF, John BOYD Jr.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1735 Frederick Co, VA    
Death 1800-04-08 Martinsburg, Berkley Co, WV    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Boyd, Robert
         Boyd, John 1735 1800-04-08


Family of Boyd, John and Gryfyth, Sarah

Married Wife Gryfyth, Sarah ( * 1740 + 1806 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1754 Frederick Co, VA Marriage of Boyd, John and Gryfyth, Sarah  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Boyd, John1760-01-091829


  1. Boyd, Robert
    1. Boyd, John
      1. Gryfyth, Sarah
        1. Boyd, John