Colvin, Samuel

Birth Name Colvin, Samuel
Gender male
Age at Death 70 years, 10 months, 12 days


"Genealogical Directory of Rhode Island, Comprising Three Generations of Settlers Who Came Before 1690," by John Osborne Austin [originally published Albany, NY, 1887], p. 52:

1754, Oct. 5. Will -- proved 1759. Ex. son Samuel. To wife Phebe, privilege of best room, whil widow. He gave 5s. each to the following children, Thomas and Daniel Colvin, Abigail Franklin, Joseph Colvin, Elizabeth Dailey, Sarah Burlingame, Mary Wright, Susannah Colvin, Temperanc [or Content]* Colvin and Phebe Colvin. To son Richard £54 [54 pounds]. To son Rufus, £50. To son Samuel all residue of estate real and personal, except the burying place.

Inventory, 2 cows, 5 sheep, hay, £25, &c.
*Note: Samuel's daughter was Content Colvin; the reference to "Temperanc [or Content]" was just an witness error. It was later corrected [below].

The will was witnessed by Samuel’s brother, James Colvin, and Benjamin and John Fisk. After the signature, appears this: "The subscriber made, represent and attest that I made a mistake in the name of one of the Legates named in the above Will and that Temperance ought to have been written Contente. John Fisk." Dated Jan. 14, 1760. The will was approved by the Town Council held in Coventry "on ye 14th Jany. 1760."

Unfortunately, John Fisk's official correction came a bit too late and, even today, few people pay attention to corrections in newspapers or on websites. Although no such person as Temperance Content Colvin ever existed, she lives on in genealogies and family trees, being downloaded over and over and over.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1688-12-10 Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA    
Death 1759-10-22 Town of Coventry, Kent, RI    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Colvin, Johnabout 16571729-11-28
Mother Allen, Deborah or Dorothy1659-04-08before 1724
         Colvin, Samuel 1688-12-10 1759-10-22


Family of Colvin, Samuel and Briggs, Phebe

Married Wife Briggs, Phebe ( * about 1690 + 1754-10-05 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Colvin, Abigail17171791