Marks, Matthew

Birth Name Marks, Matthew
Gender male
Age at Death less than about 69 years, 9 months, 12 days


Numerous references to Matthew (wife unknown, perhaps Elizabeth who is mentioned in his probate) in James River Davenport Search by John Scott Davenport. They establish Mary Davenport as his daughter.

"41) 15 Aug 1719 Will of Mathew Marks (in part) To daughter, Mary Devonport, parcel of land at the Ponds next to Bleighton's line.
Prince George Wills and Administration . This item in conjunction with the previous one establishes that the wife of George Devenport was Mary Marks. These individuals are living in the area of The Ponds, the same location of the latter day Davenports in Pr Geo. Co, Martins Brandon Parish, near Second Swamp."
"Matthew Marks first appears in Charles City County records in "June 1691 when he was summoned to court for not going to church, thus indicating that he was probably already a Baptist and opposed to worshipping in the Established Church (Charles City Orders, 1687-95, p.348). About 1714, he requested that the General Assembly of General Baptists in London, England send a minister to the Virginia Colony, and an entry in the Prince George County. Virginia Order Books on June 14, 1715 indicates that the minister, Robert Norden, arrived safely in the colony and took the oath of allegiance and that Matthew Marks' home was to be the meeting place for this group of Baptists"

"Matt Marks" of Prince George Co in VIRGINIA 1704 Rent Rolls

and from JSDavenport's James River Chronicles - "14Jun1715 ­ MINISTER QUALIFIED, MEETING HOUSE APPROVED: At a Prince George County Court, Robert Norden, an Anabaptist minister, took the Oath of Allegiance to the King as required by Law, and was authorized to preach at the house of Matthew Marks, designated by the Court as the meeting house. (Prince George County, VA, Court Orders 1714-1720, 20)"

1717, signed petition to allow practice of Baptist faith:


Will for Mathew Marks
Prince George County, Virginia, Wills and Deeds, 1713-1728, 358, 359.

In the Name of God Amen. I MATHEW MARKS being sick and weake, but / of Sound and perfect sense and memory, thanks be given to God for the same, make and / appoint and ordain this my Last Will and Testament, in manner and form following / hereby revoking and makeing Void all other Wills, by me made and Declared, and this / only to be taken for my Last Will and Testament.

1. I bequeath my soul to God, hopeing by the Meritts of Christ my Redemer, to inherit / Etemal Life, and my Body to the Earth to be buryed in such Decent manner, as my Executor hereafter [ ]inded, shall think Meett.
2. I give and bequeath to EDWARD MARKS, the son of EDWARD MARKS, to hundred acres of / Land, more or Less, Joining the Wards Creek, to him and his heirs Lawfully begoten / to be by him enjoyed at the age of one and twenty years, he not prohibitting the / Meetings there settled.
3. I give to JOHN ROBYSON a parcell of Land at the Ponds, beginning at the Hedge / row and down along the spring and so down the meadow branch by a few / Markt Trees, and so down the Ponds runn and up the Ponds runn. to the / Hedgerow again, to him and his heirs for ever.
4. That which I give to ISRAEL and EDWARD ROBYSON Lyes on the other side of the / Spring Branch, and so to Bleightons Line, and down to the Meadow Branch, to / them and their heirs for ever.
5. I give to my Daughter MARY DAVENPORT, a parcel of Land at the Ponds, lying / against Bleightons Line, at the Meadow branch, so along Blightons Line to the / Southern runn so down the southern runn to the ponds runn, so along the runn / to the mark Trees, and so to the Meadow branch, and so to Bleightons Line again / I give it and bequeath to her heirs for ever. f. 2
6. I give to JOHN MARKS, the son of ISRAEL MARKS, fifty acres of land, more or less, Lying against / the southern Runn, goes to Harrisons Line, and the Marks Trees, and up Harrisons Line, and goes / away to the old feild again.
7. 1 give to my Daughter to beds in the fire room, one for her forthwith, and the other to remain / for the use of Robert Norden the time of his tarrying in Virginia.
8. I give to JOHN MARKS the son of ISRAEL MARKS, the Feather bed in the chamber.
9. It is my Will Robert Norden have the plantation I Live in, till EDWARDS MARKS comes / of age, with the Land belonging to it.
10. My Will is, that my Land is Disposed of, be sold, by my Executors, Left in Trust to pay my Debts, and I do appoint Robert Norden and John Avery, to be the Executors of this my / Last Will and Testament. Witness my hand and Seal set hereunto by me the fifteenth of August 1719.

Seald and Delivered in the presence of Mathew Marks [Sealed with red wax]
Joseph Thomas (his mark) Penelope Warthen (her mark)


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1650      
Death before 1719-10-13 Prince George Co, VA will probated this day.  


Family of Marks, Matthew and Somes, Mary

Married Wife Somes, Mary ( * + ... )

from John Scott Davenport's "James River Davenport Search"
"23Dec1714 ­ LAND PATENT: John Eaton of York County, 429 acres of New Land in Prince George County, beginning on the Southern Run in the line of Captain George Blighton, Decd., adjoining land of Ralph Hill. For 10 Shillings and importation of 7 persons:
Matthew Marks, Mary Marks, Edward Marks, John Marks, Israel Marks, Sarah Marks, William Townsin [Townsend?]. (Virginia Patents, 10:222)"

Name Birth Date Death Date
Marks, Mary
Marks, [Living]
Marks, [Living]
Marks, [Living]