Somes, Mary

Birth Name Somes, Mary
Gender female


Some trees have "Mary Somes" married Matthew Marks 9 Sep 1669 in Kent, England


Family of Marks, Matthew and Somes, Mary

Married Husband Marks, Matthew ( * about 1650 + before 1719-10-13 )

from John Scott Davenport's "James River Davenport Search"
"23Dec1714 ­ LAND PATENT: John Eaton of York County, 429 acres of New Land in Prince George County, beginning on the Southern Run in the line of Captain George Blighton, Decd., adjoining land of Ralph Hill. For 10 Shillings and importation of 7 persons:
Matthew Marks, Mary Marks, Edward Marks, John Marks, Israel Marks, Sarah Marks, William Townsin [Townsend?]. (Virginia Patents, 10:222)"

Name Birth Date Death Date
Marks, Mary
Marks, [Living]
Marks, [Living]
Marks, [Living]