Green, Henry 1

Birth Name Green, Henry
Gender male


"Green: In March of 1890, Martin Abraham Cross married Sarah E. Green in Clay County, Tennessee. The Justice of the Peace that married them was John Cross, and the county court clerk who signed the marriage certificate was an M.F. Green. As can be seen, both families were intimately woven into the life of the county. The 1870 census of Jackson (later Clay) county shows Sarah's folks to be Thomas J. and Nancy Green, although Sarah is listed as Sarah L. Other census records indicate the family was in Jackson county as early as 1850 and remained there until moving to Macon county prior to the 1880 census. Besides Sarah, Thomas and Nancy had a son whom the records only show as A.C. Green. Thomas' father was Thomas J. Green Sr., who served during the Civil War in Co A, 1st (McNairy's) Tennessee Cavalry Battalion (Confederate), also known as 1st West Tennessee and 1st Middle Tennessee Cavalry Battalion, a unit formed from Davidson County, Tennessee and nicknamed "The Tennessee Rangers". The 1850 census shows Thomas Sr was aged 36, his wife Nancy also aged 36. He was born in Tennessee and she in North Carolina. Their children were Polly aged 11, Lewis 10, Martha 8, John 6, Sarah 4 and Thomas the youngest at 2. Census records indicate a Thomas Green was living in Wilson County, Tennessee in 1840 along with a Thomas B. Green, possibly Thomas J. Green Sr's father. The "Tennessee Civil War Veterans Questionnaires" volume 4, page 1437, in a statement by William E. McElwee, speaks of a Henry P. Green whose grandfather was killed in the American Revolution. He indicates that this grandfather was a kinsman of General Nathaniel Green. A son of Henry P. Green named Thomas, was raised in Pennsylvania and later immigrated to Tennessee. This may be Thomas B. Green. Henry P. Green had 7 other sons besides Thomas, they were; William, Avory, Bluford, Theodoric, Seaton, Enoch, and Austin L. Austin married a woman with the surname of Crow, and they had three sons named Henry P., William, and Bluford along with two daughters Giney (Jenny?) who married Alex Harwell, and Lucy, who married James Suddath.
Clay and Jackson Families by Walt Cross "
[kdd: I do not believe these Green's who went to Rutherford Co, TN are related to the Green's of Jackson Co, TN]

Petition to the General Assembly of Tennessee
# 53-1-1803
October 21, 1803
Citizens of Jackson County state that the present limits of the county do not include as much acreage as the constitution requires, falling short by 125 square miles. They suggest the Cumberland River as a divider for the counties; it would extend to the Indian Boundary line. The names listed below seem to be written by one person. Signers were:
Smith Hutching, Mathew Mayes, Daniel Draper, Joseph Taylor, L W Davis, Ezekiel Williams, Joseph Bell, Robert Alen, William Mosby, Suet Hutchings, John Sanders, J. Campbell Alen, B Blackbourne Sr, John Hutchings, William Lambert, Thomas Maughon, Isaac Hutchings, Richard Davis, William Pryer, ---> Henry Green <---, Nathaniel Turney, Jacob Anderson, William McDowell, William Woods, Georg Criner, Peter Turney, James Taylor
Edward Scott, Clerk of House
J Trimble, Senate

There is a "Henry Green" of VA who served as private in the Revolutionary War.

Thru autosomal DNA matching, I believe these Green's descend from Thomas "The Seagull" Green -
Note similar given names: Thomas, Henry, Malinda, Abraham, Lewis
[kdd: speculation about the origin of these Greens:
Among my DNA matches who listed Green in their ancestry for instance are several with overlapping segments (usually means common ancestor) who came from a James River area line , patriarch Thomas "The Seagull" Green. One was stuck at York, SC Greens, and the other at Rutherford, NC Greens. The SC Green found a connection back to Thomas. These coincidences:
1) a John "Joseph" Green who married Mary Ellis ~1800 in Rutherford Co, NC. She was from York, SC
2) This Mary Ellis line here -
. Her cousin was Abraham Ellis who went to Smith Co, TN early on.
3) She descends from a John Clarn Ellis. . This
bizarre middle name is like family lore in the Ellises, and no one is quite sure where it came from.

So it occurs to me if there was one Green/Ellis marriage, there are probably others. Unfortunately no one knows the family of this John Green, and some claim he went to KY. Abraham Ellis went to Smith (Jackson County before 1803), and my family of Thomas Green and Nancy Hicks includes an "Abraham Ellis Green". A couple named Ephraim Ellis and Lydia Green from Mecklenberg, VA thru NC lived on Big Bottom Creek (in Jackson Co, TN) a couple miles from Thomas Green. Ephraim Ellis' father was Abraham Ellis! Brother Burkett also came to Jackson Co, AL and named a son Henry.
Ephraim Ellis' Rev. War Pension -

Similarly, the family of John Green and Martha Melinda Green included a "Sampson McClaron Green" Could this "McClaron" be the "Clarn" of Ellis yore? Many other families that came to Smith/Jackson are associated with these Greens.

It is likely that John Green and Thomas Green were brothers. The only clue to parents of Thomas Green and Nancy Brannon are the early petitions of Jackson Co, TN in 1803 which list a Henry ["Henery"] Green and a Thomas Brannon in the correct district. So I'm speculating that Henry Green married an Ellis in Rutherford Co, NC and moved with other Ellis's to Smith Co, TN early on.]


Family of Green, Henry


I cannot verify this is the family of Thomas Green, who was perhaps the original immigrant from Ireland. In earliest land records of Jackson County, TN, are Thomas, David, and William. David and William are brothers in another part of the county (towards White Co)

Some names in common with Green's of Pittsylvania, VA -> Roane Co,TN, but not definitive. I have removed this family.

There is a Henry Green ["Henery Green"] in the 1803 Petition from Jackson Co, TN residents. The petition was about where the boundary between Smith and Jackson counties would be, so the southwest part of the county, which is where our Greens lived. , p75

Name Birth Date Death Date
Green, Thomasabout 1795before 1850


    1. Green, Henry
        1. Green, Thomas

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