Green, Thomas

Birth Name Green, Thomas
Gender male
Age at Death less than about 55 years


story about the Green's of Jackson County probably applies:
Information from Jackson County, TN Family History sent to us by Charlene Carver McClain, from "Families of Jackson County, TN", a book.
"The Green family came to America from Ireland. Family tradition says that John Green's brother, Thomas Green, brought the family's inheritance in gold, in the bottom of his saddle bags. He pretended to be a whetstone peddler. The whetstones were used to disguise and cover-up for the weight and fullness of his saddle bags. (This must have been at least one generation back from John and Thomas, maybe more, as they are listed in all Census records as being born in Tennessee.)"

Earliest known record: certificate warrant 210, registry #5359 "Thomas Green 15 acres... waters of Indian Cr.... beg at Dogwood and Beech marked by Daniel Wilbourn for Hugh Stewart as NW corner... 22 Oct. 1810 Wm.Cook, Loc" from Building Betty Huff Bryant. In margin: "Thomas Green assignee of Enos Nolen & originally of Henry Fooner"
Note, at same time, entries for William and David Young -

Not sure if this is the same Thomas Green in Smith Co, TN:
13 Nov 1813 - Called to jury duty in Smith Co, TN ( not selected - later transcribed as "Thomas S Green")
, and land sales along Caney Creek - 1808-1814. And testator in a probate Sep 1812 Thomas S Green

Resurveyed in Aug 1 1815.

[hmmm: Jonathan Green and Daniel Wilbourne were earliest settlers in Wilson Co, TN 1790-1800 -]


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1795 Tennessee, USA    
Event Note

both son Thomas J Green and daughter Malinda say both of their parents were from TN.

Death before 1850 Tennessee, USA    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Green, Henry
         Green, Thomas about 1795 before 1850


Family of Green, Thomas and Brannon, Nancy

Married Wife Brannon, Nancy ( * about 1798 + ... )

I've added John Green here (Theresa Young's ancester) only because stories say they were brothers, his family lived near their parents farm, he named a daughter Melinda, and he was buried in the same cemetery. He appears however to be Native American instead of Irish.

Some biography of these Greens here -
[ed. cannot confirm any of this line - Green's in Wilson Co have wrong ages to be ours ]

A reference to their location in Jackson County, TN here -
by Paulette Williams says Melinda born in the Cub Creek area -
"Both Sampson and Melinda are buried in the Green-Cassetty cemetery in Jackson Co., Tennessee, near the Macon County line. The cemetery is on a farm once owned by Melinda's parents, Thomas and Nancy Brannon Green and left to Melinda. It is unknown who owns the farm now."

Neither Thomas Green or Nancy can be identified in any census! I suspect they were living in William Brannon's hh in 1820 Smith Co, TN. Note both children's first born are named William.

land records from "Building Neighborhoods..."
"Thomas Green 15 acres... waters of Indian Cr.... beg at Dogwood and Beech marked by Daniel Wilbourn for Hugh Stewart as NW corner... 22 Oct. 1810 Wm.Cook, Loc"
[kdd: Indian Creek north of Cumberland River gets a ridge away from Cub Creek, joined by W Cubb Rd],n,cub%20creek%20island%20%28historical%29,fid,1311983.cfm
===> implies Thomas Green born a bit before 1795!

Brannon is not a common name in early TN/NC. It is Irish and it's possible the Green's and Brannon's came together from Ireland.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Green, Thomas Jefferson Sr1814-06-22about 1886-04-00
Green, John1818-02-101879-05-18
Green, Martha Melindaabout 18201882-02-20