Drake, Hannah

Birth Name Drake, Hannah
Gender female
Age at Death 40 years, 11 months, 30 days


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Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1653-08-05 Windsor, Hartford Co, CT    
Death 1694-08-04 Simsbury, Hartford, Conn    
Christened 1655-04-10 Windsor, Hartford Co, CT    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Drake, John16221688-07-07
Mother Moore, Hannah29 DEC1685-02-16
    Brother     Drake, John 1649-09-14
         Drake, Hannah 1653-08-05 1694-08-04
    Brother     Drake, Enoch 1655-12-08
    Sister     Drake, Ruth 1657-12-01
    Brother     Drake, Simon 1659-10-28
    Sister     Drake, Lydia 1660-01-26
    Sister     Drake, Elizabeth 1664-07-22
    Sister     Drake, Mary 1665-01-29
    Sister     Drake, Mindwell 1671-11-10
    Brother     Drake, Joseph 1674-06-26
    Brother     Drake, Job 1651-06-15


Family of Higley, John and Drake, Hannah

Married Husband Higley, John ( * 1649-07-22 + 1714-08-25 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1671-11-09 Simsbury, Hartford, Conn Marriage of Higley, John and Drake, Hannah  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Higley, John1672-03-161741-12-01
Higley, Jonathan1674-02-161716-05-01
Higley, Hannah1676-03-131677-03-31
Higley, Elizabeth1676-03-131743-12-07
Higley, Rebecca1679
Higley, Brewster1679-01-101760-11-05
Higley, Katherine1679-08-071760-03-07
Higley, Hannah1683-04-221768-11-07
Higley, Joseph16851715-05-03
Higley, Samuel16871737-05-00
Higley, Mindwell16891769-09-01