Roosa, Aldert Heymanse

Birth Name Roosa, Aldert Heymanse 1 2
Gender male
Age at Death 57 years, 1 month, 26 days


First Generation

Aldert (Albert, Alaerdt, Allard) Heymansen ROOSA, the founder of the Roosa
family in America, was born 1621 Herwynen, Gelderland, Netherlands. With his
wife and eight children, the Roosa's arrived at New Netherland 15 Apr 1660
on the ship "De Bonte Koe, (the "Spotted Cow"). Aldert was a wealthy man for
his day and brought considerable property with him and quickly "occupied an
influential position in the new settlement."

In the spring of 1661 he joined in a contract guaranteeing a salary to Domine
Bloem who had been called as the regular pastor of the Dutch Church at
Wiltwyck. Upon their arrival, Aldert secured passage for himself and family
for Esopus (Kingston) and took up residence in the Esopus District at
Wiltwyck by 1664. When a new village was laid out, he removed there, and from
that time to his death he resided at Hurley. At the destruction of the
village of Hurley on 7 Jun 1663 by the Indians, two of the Roosa children
with 43 others were taken captive. They were rescued by the colonial forces
under the command of Captain Martin Kregier.

After the surrender of the Dutch government to the English in 1664, Aldert
led the revolt of the Burghers against military leaders. He and Cornelius
Barentsen Slecht and two others were found guilty of a rebellious and
mutinous riot at Esopus and were taken to New York for sentence. Roosa was to
be banished for life out of the government and the others for shorter terms
out of Esopus, Albany and New York. Each of their sentences were later
modified and the offenders returned to Esopus.

Governor Francis Lovelace restored Roosa to favor and in 1669 appointed him
and Luis Du Bois two of the overseers for Hurley (New Dorp) or New Village.
Roosa also served in the military forces of the Colony as mustering officer
and in other capacities. He died 27 Feb 1679 at Hurley, Ulster Co., NY.

He was married circa 1642 to Wyntje Ariens de Jonge, the daughter of Adrian
Miertensen De Jonge and Maritje. Wyntje was born about 1630 probably in
Second Generation

The children of Aldert Roosa and Wyntje Ariens de Jonge were:

(1) Captain Arie (Aria) ROOSA was baptized 3 Jun 1643 Herwynen, Gelderland,
NL. In 1668 he was granted a large tract of land in Dutchess Co., NY referred
to as the "Roosa Patent" and containing about one thousand five hundred acres
opposite Rondout Creek near Kingston and extending along the bank of the
Hudson River. He married circa 1670 to Marie Everte PELS, daughter of Evert
Pels and Jannetje Symens. He died 1677 at Hurley, NY.

(2) Heyman Albertse ROOSA was born 4 Jan 1644 Herwynen, Gelderland, NL. His
will was made 25 Aug 1708 and probated 9 Sep 1708. He married to Anna
Margriet Roosevelt (1654-1706) the daughter of Claes Martenszen van Rosenvelt
and Jannetje Samuels Thomas. They resided at Kingston, NY.

(3) Jan Albertsen ROOSA was born 1646 Herwynen, Gelderland, NL. His will was
made 16 May 1736. He married to Hellegond Willemsen Van Buren.

(4) Eyke ROOSA was born 1651 Herwynen, Gelderland, NL and died 1684/85 in Hurley, Ulster, NY. He married to Roeloff Kierstede, the daughter of Dr. Hans Kierstede and Sara Roelofse Jans.

(5) Maritje ROOSA was born circa 1652 Herwynen, Gelderland, NL. She married
circa 1672 to Laurens Jansen Kortryk (1651-1727) (see LOW family)

(6) Neeltje ROOSA was born 1653 Herwynen, Gelderland, NL and died after 1745.
She married 1676 to Hendric Paeldin (Henry Pawling).

(7) Jannetje ROOSA was born 1656 Herwynen, Gelderland, NL. She married
16 Nov 1679 Hurley, Ulster, NY to Matthys Ten Eyck (1657-1741).

(8) Aert ROOSA was born 1658 Herwynen, Gelderland, NL and died young.

(9) Unknown Annatje ROOSA is named in the NY Gen and Biog. Rec. Vol. 69, p. 31 but
no further record is found of her in the Kingston records.

(10) Geurt ROOSA was born 1664 at Kingston, NY and died before her baptism on
15 Jun 1664.
Selected Sources (Courtesy of Cheska Wheatley):

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Children were ages 17, 15, 14, 9, 8, 7, 4 and 2 years and named Arie, Heyman, Jan, Ykje, Maritje, Neeltje, Jannetje and Aert

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Records of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, NY.

2 March 1679 Wyntje Ariens acted as sponsor to her grandson Aldert, son of Heyman Aldertse Rosa and Margriet Rosevelt and is recorded as Wielke deJongh, widow of Aldert Heimnse Rose who died 27 Feb 1678/79. New York Genealogy and Biography Records., Volume 69, 1938, p. 309.

Other Online Descendants:

Jeanne Delmain descends from Maritje Roosa and Laurens Jansen Kortryk.

Dicey Niggl descends from Maritje Roosa and Laurens Jansen Kortryk.

Melrose Trimble descends from Neeltje Roosa and Hendric Paeldin.

Cheska Wheatley descends from Maritje Roosa and Laurens Jansen Kortryk.

Merle J. Moore, Sr. descends from Eyke Roosa and Roeloff Kirstede.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1621 Herwynen, Gelderland, Netherlands    
Death 1678-02-27 Esopus (Hurley) District of Wiltwyck (now Kingston), New York    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Roosa, Heyman
         Roosa, Aldert Heymanse 1621 1678-02-27


Family of Roosa, Aldert Heymanse and DeJonge, Wilhelmina “Wyntje” Ariens

Married Wife DeJonge, Wilhelmina “Wyntje” Ariens ( * 1622 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1642 Gelderland, Netherlands Marriage of Roosa, Aldert Heymanse and DeJonge, Wilhelmina "Wyntje" Ariens  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Roosa, Annatje
Roosa, Wyntje
Roosa, Arie, Captain16431699
Roosa, Heyman Albertise1643-01-04after 1708
Roosa, Jan Albertsen1646after 1689
Roosa, Ikee (Eyke)1651about 1685
Roosa, Maritjeabout 1652
Roosa, Neeltje1653after 1745
Roosa, Jannetje1656
Roosa, Aert1658
Roosa, Geurt Albertse1664-06-00before 1664-06-15