Stebbins, Rowland

Birth Name Stebbins, Rowland
Gender male
Age at Death between 76 years, 11 months, 14 days and 79 years, 2 months, 13 days


Given name may be spelled Rawling, or this may be a middle name.

BIOGRAPHY: Rowland Stebbins' family was on a passenger list of the "Francis" that sailed from Ipswich, Suffolk, England to Boston from April-June 1634. On the list of passengers for this voyage, the age of Rowland was 40 and his wife's age was 43. A teenager of 15 named Mary Winche sailed with the family. They first settled in Roxbury, MA, then moved to Springfield, MA the following year with William Pynchon, who purchased the land from the Indians and founded Springfield, which was first called "Agawam." Later he moved to Northampton, MA and was one of the first settlers there. Twenty-four petitioners founded Northampton in 1653. A 1661 church covenant shows 75 men and women in the town, and by 1674, the population had grown to 108 men with a total population of close to 500 persons.
Oath of Freemanship: 1664
Occupation: Surveyor

From "Early days in New England": On Jan. 5, 1641, HE received lot no. 5, which is 10 rods in breath, for planting

The Stebbins COAT OF ARMS - The various Coasts of Arms granted to this family are described as follows:
STEBBING: (of London, Middlesex County and Wisset, Suffolk CountyEngland (ref Burke's General Armory page 967 and states... "Quartery, orand gules, on a bend sable, five bezants. Crest , a lion's head erased,argent." This coat of arms and crest was also used by the STEBBINGS of Woodrising, Norfolk County, England and their motto being "Quiescam."
Stebbins: "Ardent, a Griffin segreant azure, langued and memberedgules, between three cros s crosslets. It is further alluded to as follows: "A Coat of Arms in the Northampton, MA fami ly of Stebbins isexpressed in these words: "He beareth Argent a Griffin rampant with wingsdis played between three cross crosslets azure, by the name of STEBBINGS."(This taken from a Memo of the Stebbins Family, published 1851 page 13). This is given as it was taken by Zebina Stebbins (689) from a book of Heraldry in Boston, Massachusetts between the years 1780 and 1790. Reitstap (Armorial General, Volume 2, page 828), who probably got this information from the "Memoir of the Stebbins Family," expresses it in French as follows: "STEBBINS ou STEBBING Angl. Etats-U nis. D'arg. a un griffond'azur, acc. de trois croisettes de gu."
STUBBING: (of West Broughton, Derby County, England. MARGARET, eldest sister and co-heir of THOMAS STUBBING of West Derby, 1611; married George Buxton, Esq. of Bradborn, England.) Quarterly, azure and argent,five bezants in bend. Crest: A lamb segant proper. Collared gules,reposing the dexter foot on a trefoil slipped vert. (Berry's Dictionary of Heraldry Volume 2 and Burke's General Armory page 983).
SAINT MARY'S CHURCH, Bocking, Essex County, England (see pictures) was where Rowland Stebbins was baptised and then in November 30, 1618 he married Sarah Whiting. In about 1634 they immigrated to the colonies landing in Boston, MA. The first Dean (or Rector) of this church was Peter de Wakering (1232-1249 AD). The Dean at the time of Rowland's baptism was John Mullins (157 7-1609). The Dean than probably married Rowland Stebbins and Sarah Whiting was Dean John Barkham (1616-1643). From the very first Dean in AD 1232 thru AD 1997 there were a total of 63 Deans (or Rectors). All told St Mary's Church has been serving their community for about 765 years (1997). The grave yard on the premises has many head stones that have long sense lost their inscriptions.
Stebbins EMIGRANTS (Greenlee, Volume I, page 50, published in 1904)...
"Although no one has found any direct evidence as to the birthplace of ROWLAND Stebbins, the ancester of probably the majority of the United States Stebbbins descendents, there is a strong probability that he was born in or near the parish of Stebbins, Essex County, England. While in England he is said to have a friend of William Pynchon, who was born at Springfield, Essex County, England (which is about 10 miles from Stebbing), in 1590, being only four years older than Rowland. William Pynchon came to New England in 1629, and was the principal founder of Roxbury, Massachusetts, where Rowland settle upon his arrival in New England in 1634 or 1635. In 1636 William Pynchon purchased Agawam (afterwards named Springfield) from the Indians. From 1636 to 1646 the settlers of Agawam were mostly young unmarried men, yet we find Rowland Stebbins there in 1639 with his family. In his will, "my much honored friend Capt. John Pynchon," who was a son of William Pynchon, the founder of Springfield, Massachusetts."

DEATH: LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of Rowland Stebbins, dated the first day of the first month, 1669
"Know all men by these presents, that I Rowland Stebbins of Northamptonin Hampshire, in the Colony of Massachusetts: having my perfect memory,through the goodness of GOD, though very wea k and sick in body, waytingfor my great Change, w'ch I desire the Lord in mercy to fit me fo r -- doemake and ordayne this to be my last will and testament -- viz In fe Icommitt my soul e to God, that made it, and to the Lord Jesus Christ thatredeemed it, by his most precious bl ood: and doe hope it shall be unitedto him forever, and my body to be in comly and decent man ner buryed,hoping at the Great Day of the Resurection, the Lord Jesus will changethe vile bod y, and fashion it like to his Glorious body and so shall beforever with the Lord.
Also I do make my beloved Son John Stebbins to be my full and SoleExecutor which I hope wil l be faithful in all things committed to histrust -- Also will and desire is that all my Jus t debts and funeralexpenses be satisfyed & paid, and as concerning my outward and worldlyEsta te, that the Lord in his mercy hath given unto me I dispose of inthis manner:
Viz. I give and bequeath unto my beloved Son Thomas Stebbins he severalchildred twenty Shilli ngs apiece, to be paid within three years after mydecease those that be of age, the Sons to b e twenty-one years -- anddaughters Eighteen years. I give and bequeath to my son John's Child renthat is to say to John Stebbins his first born an Iron pott, my bed andbed clothes and al l that belongs to it. My best Jackett & wascotte, myold coate and worst paire of gray stocki ngs. I give and bequeath toBenoni Stebbins my best Breeches and new cotton wescotte & twentys hillings -- I give and bequeath to my son John's son Samuel my oldKersey Sute and twenty shil lings. I give and bequeath to my son John'sother six Children to be paid unto them when the y come to age twentyShillings apeece. I give and bequeath to my son in Law Merricks threedaug hters, twenty Shillings apiece, to Sarah, Mary and Hannah to be paidwithin three years afte r my decease. I give and bequeath to my belovedDaughter Elizabeth Clarke three pounds to be p aid within three years andto her three Children twenty Shillings apeece to be paid within thr eeyears after my decease, and to Mary the Bell Metal Skillet. I give andbequath to Mary Maund e ten shillings to be paid within a yeere after mydesease. I give and bequeath to my son Joh n Stebbins my Great Brass pottand be best coate, and to my son Johns Wife my best stockings , and as forthe rest of my Estate that remaynes my will is, that it should be equallydivide d between my two beloved sons Thomas Stebbins and John Stebbins.
Also my desire is that my much honored friend Cap't John Pynchon and mybeloved brother Rober t Bartlett, would be in the overseers of this mylast will and testament. That this is my las t will and Testament Ideclare by setting my hand and Seale the first day of the first monthAn no Domini 1669-70. My will is that my son John Stebbins doe keepe thismy last will and testam ent.
signum ROWLAND Stebbins
Signed and Sealed in ye presence of William James, Thomas Hanchett, sen'r.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth between 1592-10-00 and 1594 Bocking, Essex, England   1 2 3 4a 5
Death 1671-12-14 Northhampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts   1 2 3 6a 7 4b 8a 5
Baptism 1592-11-05 St. Mary's, Bocking, Essex, England   7 4c
Burial   Bridgestreet Cemetery   3 4d


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
         Stebbins, Rowland between 1592-10-00 and 1594 1671-12-14


Family of Stebbins, Rowland and Whiting, Sarah

Married Wife Whiting, Sarah ( * 1591-11-30 + 1649-10-04 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1618-11-30 St. Mary’s Church, Bocking, Essex, England Marriage of Stebbins, Rowland and WHITING, Sarah 2 3 7 4e
Name Birth Date Death Date
Stebbins, Mary Winche1619
Stebbins, Thomas16201683-09-15
Stebbins, Sarahabout 16231683-09-15
Stebbins, Elizabeth1625-06-151700-10-28
Stebbins, Johnabout 1626between 1677-03-07 and 1679
Stebbins, Edithabefore 1630after 1641
Stebbins, Danielabout 1650