Brown, Anne

Birth Name Brown, Anne
Gender female
Age at Death about 33 years


Event Date Place Description Sources
Death between 1661 and 1662 Boston, MA    
Birth about 1628 prob. England    


Family of Chamberlin, John and Brown, Anne

Married Husband Chamberlin, John ( * about 1626 + 1666-04-00 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1653-05-19 Boston, MA    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Chamberlin, Anna or Hannah1653/4-02-06 (Julian)
Chamberlin, John1655-05-011679-03-28
Chamberlin, Elizabeth1656-10-25
Chamberlin, Henry1658/9-02-03 (Julian)about Jan or Feb 1688/89
Chamberlin, Williamabout 1661before 1717-05-28