Franey, Patrick H

Birth Name Franey, Patrick H
Gender male
Age at Death 68 years, 26 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1847-05-17 Mayo, Ireland    
Death 1915-06-12 City of Arkansas City, Cowley, KS    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Franey, Johnabout 1795
Mother McManus, Ellen18061889
    Brother     Franey, Austin 1824 1912-05-11
         Franey, Patrick H 1847-05-17 1915-06-12
    Brother     Franey, James


Family of Franey, Patrick H and Myers, Jennifer Elizabeth

Married Wife Myers, Jennifer Elizabeth ( * 1850-04-18 + 1920-10-20 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1867-04-06 Oregon, MO    
Event Note

Pat Franey was the man who superintend­ed the construc­tion of the canal, numerous build­ings, bridges, roads and the streets of Arkansas City. He also served as Police judge for the city, and Street commissioner. He passed away June 12, 1915, and was sur­vived by his wife and two daugh­ters.

Miss Jennie Elizabeth Myers was born in Canada, April 18, 1850. Her father, Daniel Myers, was born in Canada in 1827, and grew up a farmer. Her grandfather was a German who moved to Canada. Her grandmother was Elizabeth Collins, who was born in Ireland in 1823 and died in Cowley County, Kansas, in 1899. Daniel and Elizabeth Myers had nine children: Susanna, Jacob, Jennie, Mary, Daniel W., Maria, Katherine, Wesley, and Margaret. In 1865 Daniel Myers and his family moved to the United States and located at Des Moines, Iowa, and then moving to Missou­ri. The Myers family settled in Nemaha County, Kansas in 1869, but moved to Cowley County in 1870, where Mr. Myers continued farming until his death in 1873. His daughter, Mrs. Jennie Myers Franey, died October 20, 1920.

Mary Myers was a primary teacher in the Fourth Ward school in Arkansas City for over 26 years. Maria Myers married Alfred B. Woolsey December 5, 1875 (Marriage book A, page 202). Katherine Myers married William J. Gray, who was constable at Arkansas City for over 40 years. Margaret Myers married Christopher C. Tubbe, who was a farmer near Arkansas City.

Patrick and Jennie Franey had two children, Hattie and Nettie Franey, neither of whom married.

Miss Hattie Franey lived in Arkansas City since she was about ten years old. She attended the local Catholic grade school, graduat­ing from high school in 1892. (Her obituary stated that she graduated in the same class with Albert Denton. Allan Maag’s history of the High School does not list Hattie of Nettie as graduates. Perhaps they graduated from a Catholic High School in Wichita.) Hattie then enrolled and completed the business course in the Southern Shorthand School at Arkansas City. Miss Franey started her business career as a stenogra­pher in the law office of Charles S. Brown. She then spent three years with the lawyer, C. T. Atkinson. For a long time Miss Franey was known as the only shorthand expert fast enough to take court work and extremely rapid dictation. She continued as a law stenogra­pher until 1899; and in the meantime, had ac­quired a practical mastery of many phases of the law business, which caused her judgment and service to be sought often in preference to regular­ly licensed attorneys. In 1909 she became a partner with C. T. Atkinson, an old and promi­nent attorney, and after three years opened an office of her own in 1912.

Miss Franey was regularly admitted to the Kansas bar in 1914 and practiced law for over 40 years. Her offices were in the Crescent Build­ing at the southwest corner of Washington Avenue and South Summit Street. In her later years she was not a very attentive automobile driver, and her car was readily identi­fiable by its battered appearance. She died December 25, 1957, and was buried in the Riverview mausoleum.

Miss Nettie Franey never enjoyed good health. She attended local school and was an accomplished musician on the piano. She made her home with her sister, Miss Hattie Franey, and worked as her bookkeeper. She died at the Kansas State Hospital at Osawatomie, Kansas, on September 11, 1955."



home in 1870: Granada, Nemaha Co, KS (next to parents Daniel and Eliza Myers)
hmmm, note in 1875 KS Census, Granada, Nemaha Co, KS, family split up:
Pat Franey 28 Ireland
Susanie 24 Canada
Hattie 5 KS
Hellen 3 KS
Mary Myers 22 Canada
Geo W Myers 13 Canada

home in 1880: Salt City, Sumner, Kansas

Large biography here -
"In 1876 the family moved to Geuda Springs and the following year to Arkansas City."

How did Jennie meet and marry Pat in Apr 1867 Oregon, MO if 1867 was when the Myers emigrated from Canada? In Williamsburg, Dundas, Ontario 1851 Census is the large family of William Franey b.1793 Ireland. Could be John Franey's brother? If Pat Franey was in St Paul, MN after 1858, he might have visited his uncle. Note William Franey is Roman Catholic and Hattie Franey attended Catholic school. In 1910, Jennie says she came to US in 1865. Patrick says arrived in 1860 and Naturalized. An immigration record says he, "Pat Freeny", arrived in Boston with Austin on 8 Jun 1859.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Franey, Hattie1869-12-011957-12-26
Franey, Nettie1871-07-221955-09-11