Wagner, Tobias

Birth Name Wagner, Tobias
Gender male


The first settlers in Tulpehocken were Lutherans and German Reformed. Rev. Tobias Wagner was the first pastor of the Lutheran Congregation.

Wagners in PA - http://www.threerivershms.com/JPwagner.htm
from the "Editor Enterprise" September 27, 1929.

"Referring to the Wagner family history now being published in your interesting paper, I am wondering whether any one knows whether the original John Peter Waggoner was related and how to the Lutheran Missionary Rev. Tobias Wagner from whom descended a Wagner family in Philadelphia whom I have known for many years. I recently asked Samuel Tobias Wagner, the head of one of the families here, what relation we were. He said he would like to know and sent me the following brief extract from this Wagner family history, giving the early essential points only.

"The earliest ancestor of the family of which we have any record was Tobias Wagner at Nordlingen, in Bavaria, whose son H. George Wagner was a councilman of the ancient town of Heidenheim, Wurtemburg. He married Mary Reuter of the city of Ulm, Wurtemburg and their son Tobias Wagner, D. D. was born in Heidenheim, February 21, 1598. In 1662 he became Chancellor and Dean of the University of Tubingen and filled these offices until his death in 1680. He married Catherine, daughter of Dr. Melchoir Nicolai who was his predecessor as Chancellor and Dean. He wrote some 75 books, all in Latin.

"As to the advent of my family into America I quote the following:

"'Rev. Tobias Wagner the American missionary, was a son of Rev. George Conrad (who was born in 1661) and Anna Mary (Merklin) of Tuttlingen, Wurtemburg. He was for many years pastor at Horkheim. Some time in the year 1712 he became a Lutheran Missionary to America. He came first to New England, thence to a German colony near Schoharie, NY., but soon came to Pennsylvania. His first residence in Pennsylvania is not know but he became pastor of the Lutheran church on the Tulpehocken, near Stoueburg, Berks county. He remained there until 1746 and spent the next six years preaching in Reading and other places. He became the first pastor of Trinity Lutheran church, Reading in 1752. In 1759 he returned to Germany with his wife and youngest daughter, leaving six children in America. From one of them, Johan Christian Wagner, who was born June 26, 1748 we are descended.'"

"You will note that the Rev. Tobias Wagner was 98 years old when he returned to Germany.

"As he made only a short stay near Schoharie, possibly he was drawn there to see and visit his relatives.
Yours very truly,
Clark Dillenbeck.
Philadelphia, NY.


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Father Wagner, Tobias II
    Sister     Wagner, Catharina 1740-05-22 after 1816
         Wagner, Tobias


  1. Wagner, Tobias II
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