O'Rear, John

Birth Name O'Rear, John
Gender male
Age at Death 87 years, 9 months, 11 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1748-03-21 Prince William, VA    
Death 1836 Montgomery County, Kentucky    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father O'Rear, Johnabout 17131805
Mother Reno, Hesterabout 17201763-02-18
    Brother     O'Rear, Jeremiah 1744-05-16 1798-12-00
    Sister     O'Rear, Mary Ann 1745-08-21 1817-06-16
    Brother     O'Rear, Benjamin 1746-02-20 1826-12-26
         O'Rear, John 1748-03-21 1836
    Sister     O'Rear, Elizabeth 1751-04-07
    Brother     O'Rear, Jesse 1756-01-24 1825
    Brother     O'Rear, Daniel 1759-12-23 after 1859
    Brother     O'Rear, William 1761-12-01 1839-06-30
    Brother     O'Rear, Enoch 1763-02-18 1850-12-15
    Brother     O'Rear, Robert about 1781
    Brother     O'Rear, Frances
    Sister     O'Rear, Margaret 1753-02-13


Family of O'Rear, John

Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1786 Virginia, USA Marriage of O'Rear, John