Hill, Elizabeth W

Birth Name Hill, Elizabeth W
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1887-11-00 Kansas, USA 1889 in Arkansas in 1920 Census  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hill, Thomas Labout 1842between 1930 and 1940
Mother Williams, Adaline Cabout 1863
    Sister     Hill, Alice 1874-02-28 1964-07-22
    Sister     Hill, Claudia W 1875-12-30 1971-05-05
         Hill, Elizabeth W 1887-11-00
    Sister     Hill, Adeline W 1891-03-03 1975-11-19
    Brother     Hill, Robert about 1897


Family of Gage, Roy Denver and Hill, Elizabeth W

Unknown Partner Gage, Roy Denver ( * 1878-07-21 + 1938-11-17 )

The Gage Genealogy says their son went to live with grandparents Mr and Mrs Thomas L Hill in California... found them! Were in Kay, OK 1900 and Santa Ana, CA 1910. Elizabeth Hill living with them in 1910 - but no son? Finally in 1920 Thomas L Hill and Adaline still in Santa Ana with Elizabeth, grandson "Tom E Hill" age 13 living with them. But note, says parents from OK and PA! Not sure if Elizabeth Hill ever married Roy Gage.

Thomas E Hill lives with his aunt Adaline Hill Fleming in Glendale, Los Angeles Co, CA 1930

Name Birth Date Death Date
Hill, Thomas Edwin1907-08-211963-10-20