, Catherine

Birth Name Catherine
Gender female


Family of Meyli, Hans and , Catherine

Married Husband Meyli, Hans ( * 1654 + before 1717 )

Martin and Hans Meili arrived together in 1710 from Zurich, Switzerland to Lancaster Co, PA. Hans could be Martin's father or brother, however Hans Meili does not appear in any of the local records with Martin. Israel Rupp claimed "Hans Meyli, Jr" was among the original residents of Pequea, PA, altho he was not included in the Oath list of 1730.

John Meily probably secured a tract of land in Strasbury at the death of his father, Hans Meily, in 1717
"The Journal of American History, Vol 14"
full account here - http://ia700301.us.archive.org/0/items/journalofamerica13natiuoft/journalofamerica13natiuoft.pdf , pg 492+

Martin and John Milan in Conestoga township assessment list of 1718.

Some researchers think this Hans Meili is mentioned in marriage with Margaret Schweizer -
"Martin Funk might have been living on a part of Jacob Neff’s land from 1717 to 1735. Also living with or near Jacob and Catherine Neff was Johannes (Hans) Meili a blacksmith from whom Jacob apparently learned the trade. Johannes (Hans) Meili was born July 20, 1660 and died in 1724 in Coventry Twp., Chester Co., PA. He married Margaret Schweizer on August 18, 1685 in Dühren, Germany. From the baptismal records in Dühren we learn that they had children: Elizabeth b. 1 May 1686, Jacob b. 17 Nov. 1689, and Anna Margaret b. 19 January 1692. Their son John b. about 1700 was named administrator of his father’s estate in 1724 but no estate seems to have been filed probably because Hans was not a naturalized citizen of Pennsylvania and apparently owned no land. Other children of Johannes and Margaret might be Magdalena, the wife of Martin Funk, and Catherine b. about 1694, wife of Jacob Neff (D) who named their eldest daughter Margaret, perhaps for Catherine’s mother. This relationship could also explain why Martin Funk and Jacob Neff settled first in Coventry Township. While these observations have not been proven, I mention them as a clue for future research"

from the "Millenium File"
Name: John Martin Meily
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 1707
Birth Place: Lebanon, Lbnon, Pennsylvania, USA
Death Date: Oct 1770
Father: John Hans Miley
Mother: Catherine
Spouse: Anna Sabina
Children: George Meily

Name Birth Date Death Date
Miley, Hans Jrafter 1672before 1728-01-29
Miley, (John) Martin1691-02-071770-10-00