Miley, (John) Martin

Birth Name Miley, (John) Martin
Also Known As Meily
Gender male
Age at Death 79 years, 7 months, 25 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1691-02-07 Palatinate, Switzerland    
Event Note

date from Irene Burnet. other historians conclude he was more likely about his first wife's age , or born about 1672.

Death 1770-10-00 Lancaster, PA   1a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Meyli, Hans1654before 1717
Mother , Catherine
         Miley, (John) Martin 1691-02-07 1770-10-00
    Brother     Miley, Hans Jr after 1672 before 1728-01-29


Family of Miley, (John) Martin and (Miley), Barbara

Married Wife (Miley), Barbara ( * 1672 + 1742 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1718 Lancaster, PA    

Barbara was "wife of Martin Meyli" who at death had been married 24 years. She was also 70 years old when she died. This is inconsistent with Martin Miley marrying Anna Sabina Baettle before 1733 (they were husband and wife in Early Lutheran Baptism records from 1733 onward). Because of the age difference, it is possible there were 2 Martin Meyli's with one born about 1672 being the father of the one born 1691.

Family of Miley, (John) Martin and Bindnagel?, Anna Sabina

Married Wife Bindnagel?, Anna Sabina ( * about 1700 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage before 1733 Lebanon, PA    

Miley is the anglicized version of Meyli or Meylin or Meili.

Said to have immigrated in 1710 -
"Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s"
Name: Martin Miley aka "Martin Meili"
Year: 1710
Place: New Castle, Delaware
Source Publication Code: 1640.45
Primary Immigrant: Miley, Martin
Annotation: Date and port of arrival. This ship is also discussed in They Called It Strasburg; 18th and 19th Centuries, by Charles D. Spotts, and Don Yoder's Rhineland Emigrants (indexed in PILI 1991 as no. 9968).
Source Bibliography: DOHNER, DUDLEY. "The Ship Maria Hope." In Mennonite Family History (Elverson, PA), vol. 11:2 (April 1992), p. 64.
Page: 64

Note: Hans Meili arrived with him. The settlers of Lancaster Co, PA were Mennonites or Amish -

Longer account here in "Historical Papers and Addresses of the Lancaster County Historical Society. (PA)"
some dates are different; says Martin's wife was Barbara (1672-1742) and had a son Martin b.1714 d. 26 Dec 1742 ! and Hans, but specifically says that Martin from Zurich, Switzerland arrived in Pequea 1710. "Rupp says Martin Mylin's aged father, Hans, came over in 1710, but there is no proof of this that we know (Rupp, pg74). He was not mentioned in the warrants." [Israel Daneil Rubb, "History of Lancaster County...", 1844.]

dates and children from family researcher Irene Brunet. Daughter Sabina mentioned in his will. Johannes found in Early Lutheran Baptism records.

Early land record in Lebanon County, PA: "Miley, Martin, 400; June 7 1738"

Name Birth Date Death Date
Miley, Anna Sabina1733-09-02
Miley, Elizabeth1733-11-07
Miley, Johannes1735-01-26
Miley, (John) Martin Jr1737-07-251801
Miley, Samuel1739-03-161802-07-26
Miley, Henry1742-01-16before 1787-03-28
Miley, John George1743-10-211797-10-25

Source References

  1. Egle, William Henry: History of the counties of Dauphin and Lebanon in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
      • Citation:

        I. Martin Meily, Sr. of Lebanon township, d. October, 1770, leaving a wife, Anna Sabina, and children:
        i. George
        ii. Henry
        iii. Martin
        iv Samuel
        v Sabina
        vi. Elizabeth