(Davenport), Susanah? or Rhoda?

Birth Name (Davenport), Susanah? or Rhoda?
Gender female


Kay Davenport believes his wife was Ann Rhoda Shotwell, who later married Samuel Sloan:
Virginia Marriages, 1740-1850
about Ann R. Shotwell
Groom Name: Charles S. Davenport
Bride Name: Ann R. Shotwell
Marriage Date: 11 Dec 1823
County: Halifax
State: Virginia


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1795      


Family of Davenport, Charles and (Davenport), Susanah? or Rhoda?

Married Husband Davenport, Charles ( * about 1794 + before 1850 )

Based entirely on 1830 Jackson Co, TN Census.
"Charles Devenport" has 1 son < 5yrs old; 1 daughter < 5 yrs old; 1 daughter 5-10; 1 daughter 10-15; spouse his age.

Charles is gone by 1840 Census, but there is no separate family w/ wife head of household. Instead, James hh has grown much larger and seems to be a merger of the 2 Davenport families. Indeed, by 1840, there were 2 girls <5 and 4 girls 5-10 years old. It seems likely one of those 4 were actually Charles' daughters (born 1830-1835)

Note James wife is older than him in 1830 census (name unknown), but wife in 1850 Census (Susanah) is 9 years younger. Since I don't see any other Davenport women of that age, Susanah might have been Charles' wife and remarried to James. Note Hannah (Cassetty) Davenport is single mom in 1850 - and not definitely included in Henry's household in 1840 Census (illegible smudge)

Kay Davenport believes wife was Rhoda because in 1850 Census Samuel Sloan married to Rhoda seems to have step-children Elizabeth and, perhaps, Joseph. Can find no trace of this family later on. Also I thought the boy born before 1830 was Joseph, but she insists he was born about 1832, so must be another boy:

This is the order in the census.
Samuel Sloan 55
Rhoda Sloan 57
Martha Sloan 22
Martha Devenport 19
Alvira 8
Brooks 6
Joseph 12
=> not obvious if Alvira, Brooks, and Joseph are named Sloan or Davenport. Samuel Sloan lived next door to Henry Davenport in 1840 and his wife was born 1780-1790, so definitely not Rhoda then.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Davenport, Mary1818-04-00after 1881
Davenport, Minervabetween 1820 and 1825
Davenport, unknown sonabout 1825
Davenport, Permelia1828
Davenport, Martha1830
Davenport, Joseph A.18321863-09-18
Davenport?, Alvira1842
Davenport?, Charles Brook(s)1844