Davenport, James

Birth Name Davenport, James
Also Known As Devenport, James
Gender male
Age at Death more than 60 years


James Debenport in the 1850 Census. Confirmed it was same by household count from 1840 Census

Depositions taken: 11 April 1842.
"About 50 years of age."
/s/ James Davenport

James was in the 1851 Voter's List -


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1791 Virginia, USA    
Event Note

see http://www.aros.net/~cbutler/census/ for full census "James Debenport"

Death after 1851 Jackson, TN    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Davenport, Joseph or John?about 1750after 1810
Mother (Davenport), Elizabethbetween 1750 and 1760after 1830
    Brother     Davenport, Joseph 1789-06-02 1876-01-22
    Brother     Davenport, Henry 1790 1846-01-19
         Davenport, James 1791 after 1851
    Brother     Davenport, Charles about 1794 before 1850
    Sister     Davenport, daughter between 1795 and 1800


Family of Davenport, James and Richardson, Susannah

Married Wife Richardson, Susannah ( * 1800 + before 1870 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1820 Jackson, TN    

Susannah Richardson must be James 2nd wife, not just because of the age difference with earlier censuses, but because she was in White County, TN in 1820, and James was already married with 4 girls in Jackson County, TN.
I am placing all the children here for convenience until I find his first wife. Note daughter Sarah Jane Davenport Huffines says her mother was from South Carolina. Also, in the 1860 Census, Susan Davenport appears to have simply enumerated all her living children even if they were married and living in another hh. These are the children she lists:
Elizabeth b.1827
Permelia b.1828
Martha b.1831
Manerva b.1833
Nelly b.1836
John b.1838
Amanda b.1839
Matilda b.1841

Possible record of 1st marriage, if James from Prince George Co, VA:
31Dec1817 - MARRIAGE BOND: James Davenport to Nancy Cox, who signs own consent. Bryan Lester, security. Wit: Charlotte Cox. (Charlotte County, VA, Marriages)[ kdd: Matthew and Daniel are in Charlotte Co at this time; Charlotte "daughter of Rebecca Cox" marries Thomas Davenport 27 Feb 1822 (witness James Davenport). Charlotte J Cox d/o Thomas Cox and Rebecca Johnston in online trees -
Also, James s/o Matthew born~1812 is too young to be him]
, except James and Nancy are still there in 1832:

Were they pronouncing it "Debinfort"? Apparent spelling in 1860 & 1870 Jackson Co, TN Census

A Permilia b.1828 lives with the family in 1860 - but not 1850 - assume she's niece.

His brother Charles is gone by 1840 Census, but there is no separate family w/ wife head of household. Instead, James hh has grown much larger and seems to be a merger of the 2 Davenport families. Indeed, by 1840, there were 2 girls <5 and 4 girls 5-10 years old. It seems likely some of those 4 were actually Charles daughters (born 1830-1835). Therefore we should have:
(by older wife b. 1780-1790)
1810-1820: 4 girls
1825-1830: 3 girls
1831-1835: 3 girls (assume 1 from Charles)
1836-1840: 2 girls (possibly 1 or more from Charles)
(by 1840 has younger wife, probably Susannah)

1836 Tax Roll - District 3

Land sale registerd 14 Feb 1825 - entered on 21 July 1824. " James Davinport #2108 50 acres...on the waters of Wartrace Creek on the North side of Cumberland River...a beech on the top of the Ridge..."

Name Birth Date Death Date
Davenport, Elizabeth1821
Davenport, unknown daughter#1before 1821
Davenport, unknown daughter#2before 1821
Davenport, unknown daughter#3before 1821
Davenport, Martha1826-02-00
Davenport, Adaline (Adaville?) H1828between 1880 and 1900
Davenport, Sarah Jane1828-07-00after 1883
Davenport, Minerva1830
Davenport, Nelly1832
Davenport, unknown daughter#4about 1833
Davenport, John1835
Davenport, Amanda1837
Davenport, Matilda1838