Throckmorton, Thomas George

Birth Name Throckmorton, Thomas George
Gender male
Age at Death more than 72 years, 7 months, 5 days


Name Suffix:<NSFX> Sheriff Warwick, Sir
REFN: ems-jw
Name Suffix:<NSFX> Sheriff Warwick, Sir
Name Suffix:<NSFX> Sheriff Warwick, Sir
Sheriff of Warwick and Leicester.


Sir George (or probably Thomas) Throckmorton, Knight, of Coughton, co.Warwick, d. 6 Aug 1552, son of Robert Throckmorton and Elizabeth Baynham.(There is a disputeas to his given name, but Clement is known to be achild of Katharine Vaux.). [Magna Charta Sureties]

Note: Even though MCS states "Sir George (or probably Thomas)" above, inline 8b-18, MCS states "Richard Throckmorton (d. 1547) ofHigham Ferrers,co. Northampton, brotherof Sir George (not Thomas) Throckmorton, husbandof Katherine Vaux (94-13). Richard, Sir George, and their 1st cousinSimon Throckmorton, husband of Anne Louthe, were grandsons of Sir JohnThrockmorton and Eleanor Spinney." In 94-13 itsays "Sir George (orprobably Thomas)";but in 8b-18 it says "Sir George (not Thomas)"--SOWHICH IS IT George or Thomas?


Sir Thomas (or George) Throckmorton, Knt., of Coughton, co. Warwick, d. 6Aug 1552, son of Robert and Elizabeth (Baynham) Throckmorton. [AncestralRoots]


Note: Even though both AR and MCS state the mother is Elizabeth Baynham.I am sticking with Catherine Marrow. Nearly everyone onWorld Connecthas Catherine as mother; plus they have Elizabeth born about 1471, toolate to be a 1st wife and mother of Thomas or George. Probably themother is part of the controversy over whether his name was Thomas orGeorge.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth before 1480 Coughton,Warwickshire,England    
Death 1552-08-06 Haseley,Warwick,Warwickshire,England    
Burial   Church,Coughton,Warwickshire,England    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
         Throckmorton, Thomas George before 1480 1552-08-06


Family of Throckmorton, Thomas George and Vaux, Katherine

Married Wife Vaux, Katherine ( * 1488 + 1571 )


Name Birth Date Death Date
Throckmorton, Anne
Throckmorton, Robert15101580-02-12
Throckmorton, Elizabeth1523Deceased