Davenport, Paul Nelson Sr.

Birth Name Davenport, Paul Nelson Sr.
Gender male
Age at Death 68 years, 6 months, 29 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1891-08-09 De Kalb, AL   1
Death 1960-03-07 De Kalb, AL    
Burial   Valley Head Cemetery, DeKalb Co, AL    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Davenport, Nicholas Spring Sr.1849-04-261916-07-07
Mother Winston, Adelaide1851-03-061893-12-23
    Sister     Davenport, Annie 1877-07-01 1887-08-30
    Brother     Davenport, Winston 1879-01-03 1950-09-05
    Brother     Davenport, Robert Paine 1880-08-07 1902-07-29
    Sister     Davenport, Louise Adelaide 1884-07-02 1955-07-27
    Brother     Davenport, Nicholas Spring Jr. 1887-07-11 1956-10-08
    Brother     Davenport, William Overton 1889-06-08 1970-07-00
         Davenport, Paul Nelson Sr. 1891-08-09 1960-03-07
    Sister     Davenport, Maria Winston 1893-04-06 1982-10-01


Family of Davenport, Paul Nelson Sr. and Holt, Edith

Married Wife Holt, Edith ( * about 1902 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1921-03-02   Marriage of Davenport, Paul Nelson Sr. and Holt, Edith  

Paul and his brother William established the Valley Head Lumber Company around 1920...

Name Birth Date Death Date
Davenport, Paul Nelson Jr1922-10-071972-06-00
Davenport, Lucretia1925-03-032002-07-01
Davenport, Jane S1926-07-022010-12-16
Davenport, Ida Lou19291930