Carter?, ?

Birth Name Carter?, ?
Gender female


Family of Hall, Thomas? and Carter?, ?

Married Husband Hall, Thomas? ( * + ... )

Just a working hypothesis that james and thomas are brothers:
1) born closely together
2) both came to Jackson Co, AL - and lived 2 miles from each other
3) both married a Williams (who were likely sisters)

"First, there is an old family legend passed down in the James Hall family. The story relates that 'seven Hall brothers left Virginia . One Stopped at Chattanooga , Tennessee , three to Jackson Co, Al. one to Franklin Co., Tn, one to Arkansas and one to Texas . The one in Chattanooga was never heard from. They believed he was killed by Indians.' So we do have reason to believe that James Hall had a brother, or brothers, in Jackson County . Might James and Thomas Hall have been two of the Hall brothers who settled in Jackson County ? [kdd: Stephen, Thomas, James in Jackson Co, AL and David went to AR?]

Second, the James Hall family and the Thomas Hall family were both pioneer settlers on Larkins Fork, in the northwest corner of Jackson County, Alabama. In fact, they were neighbors on Larkins Fork, living only about two miles apart.

Third, both families attended the same early Primitive Baptist Church on Larkins Fork.

Fourth, all of Thomas Hall's children emigrated from the Larkins Fork area to an area in Ripley County , Missouri , between about 1840 and 1843. One of James Hall's sons took the same migration path about the same time, and another of James Hall's sons moved to the same area some years later.

Fifth, in an unfinished two-page Hall family chronicle written many years ago, one of James Hall's great-grandsons indicated that his great-grandfather, James Hall, was "of Irish decent". He also indicated that his great-grandmother, Polly (Williams) Hall, was "Black Dutch". In a notebook of family information compiled in 1940 by a great-granddaughter of Thomas Hall, his great-granddaughter indicated that her great-grandfather, Thomas Hall, was "full blood Irish". She also indicated that her great-grandmother, Sarah Mily (Williams) Hall, was "Penn. Dutch".

Sixth, James and Polly Hall named their eldest son Thomas. While it is still very speculative at this point, there is some evidence that suggests Thomas and Sarah named their second son James."

James and Thomas Hall, with several Williams, Roberson's, and William Hinshaw (misspelled), signed the 19 Feb 1809 Petition for protection of their property rights in Franklin Co, TN

In earliest Plat maps (1823) of Jackson Co, AL, James Hall is in southmost T1R4 I So we do have reason to believe that James Hall had a brother, or brothers, in Jackson County . Might James and Thomas Hall have while Thomas is in northmost T2R4:
"Township 'runs' North to South; Range 'runs' East to West" (see "Halls in 1823.png")

Stephen Hall of Larkinsville, AL was also probably a brother. Male Hall descendants of James and Stephen share a strong resemblance. Stephen Halls farm was about 15 miles down Larkin's Fork from James. Stephen and James Hall both served in the same company in the War of 1812. Stephen also named two sons, in the same order, Elisha and Elijah, just like James -

Name Birth Date Death Date
Hall, Thomasabout 1785before 1840
Hall, James Carter?about 17861870-08-05
Hall, Stephen?about 17901842-08-12