Bartlett, (Bartley) Isaiah

Birth Name Bartlett, (Bartley) Isaiah
Gender male
Age at Death more than 39 years, 2 months, 21 days


Isaiah was one of the first 12 settlers in New Milford, CT
" Isaiah Bartlet was a signer of the petition in October, 1711, but in a similar one the next May his name does not appear. There was no land deeded to him, and the probability is that he soon removed. Two of his daughters, apparently, were afterwards married in this town. "


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1672-07-26 Connecticut    
Death after 1711-10-17 New Milford, Litchfield, CT    
Event Note

the date he signed a petition. no record afterwards.


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Bartlett, Benjamin1643-03-261678-10-25
Mother Barnard, Deborah16471719-02-21
    Brother     Bartlett, Isaiah 1670-12-09 1672
         Bartlett, (Bartley) Isaiah 1672-07-26 after 1711-10-17
    Brother     Bartlett, Barnard 1672-07-26 1754-11-16


Family of Bartlett, (Bartley) Isaiah and (Bartlett), Cornelia/Cornelisse

Married Wife (Bartlett), Cornelia/Cornelisse ( * + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1697 Connecticut   1a

Family of Bartlett, (Bartley) Isaiah and Newcomb, Hannah

Married Wife Newcomb, Hannah ( * between 1670 and 1692 + ... )

no record of Isaiah Bartlett's family exists but since he was the only Bartlett in New Milford and 2 Bartlett women married there, it is assumed they are his daughters.

cannot find an original reference for this marriage. Newcomb may not be Hannah's maiden-name.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Bartlett, Thankfulabout 1712after 1794
Bartlett, Mindwellabout 1714

Source References

  1. The Generations Network, Inc.: U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
      • Source Reference Note:

        says "Isaiah Bartlett" b.1672, so probably is him.