Clark, Robert 1

Birth Name Clark, Robert
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


His age and birth month as Mar are mentioned in his father will.

Abstracts of CHANCERY COURT RECORDS of Maryland, 1669-1782, Debbie Hooper, Family Line Publications, Westminster, Maryland 21157, 1996
p. 49-50: 8 Oct 1721. Deposition taken regarding the right of Brent Nuthall to title of a tract in St Mary's Co. called Cross Mannor. (1) Robert Clarke of St Mary's Co., age ca. 71, that he very well knew John Nuthall the elder, the grandfather of Brent Nuthall, and that he and the deponent were the same age, except that said John was as much older than the deponent as March til November. The deponent would be 71 on the fifth of November next. (Liber CL, p. 748-750).

Clarke, Robert, St Mary's Co., 19th Aug., 1721; 31st Jan., 1725/26.
To eldest son Thomas and hrs., land he now lives on in "Bever Dam Mannor" personalty.
" son Robert, "Addition"; and personalty.
" little son Benjamin and hrs. (son of wife Elizabeth), dwelling plantation --- and personalty; to be in care of his mother and to be brought up in faith of Church of England; shd. he die during minority, plantation after wife's decease to son Thomas and hrs.
" wife Elizabeth, extx., residue of personal estate during life; at her decease, to be divided among eldest children, viz. Thomas, Robert, daus. Sarah Grinwell, Anne Hall, Jeny Gough and Elinor, wife of Henry Grinwell.
Test: Richard Osbern, Robert Hutchings, Michael Realy.
Codicil, 8th Nov., 1725: Shd. wife die during minority of son Benjamin, she may assign him as she thinks fit, security for complying with above will being given.
Test: M. Jenifer, Jno. Read, Henry Realy. 18,438.

Mr. Robert Clark 11.337 SM £55.9.10 Apr 19 1726 Jun 28 1726
Appraisers: Adam Head, Robert Hutchins.
Mentions: Jane Gough, Sarah Greenwell, Richard Hopewell, Ann Osborn.
Executrix: Elisabeth Clark.

Robert Clark 8.282 A SM £55.9.10 £37.0.4 Jul 17 1727
Received from: William Stone, Nicholis Lowe, Esq.
Payments to: Rev. Robert Scott, Robert Clark, David Makgill, John Abell, James Bowles, Esq., Thomas Winard, Ann Jones, Thomas Hall, Mrs. Ann Osburn, William Wilkinson.
Executrix: Elisabeth Clarke.

28 Mar 1676; <snip>
Liber F, Page 184
[undated]; Deed from William Marshall, planter, to Robert Clarke and John Clarke, sons of Robert Clark; for 5,000* tobacco; a parcel of land sold to me by Walter Beane; /s/ William Marshall; wit. Daniell Johnson, John Small
Liber F, Page 200
8 Aug 1676;<snip>


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth MAR 1651/52 St Mary’s County, MD   1
Death before 1725/6-01-31 (Julian) St Mary’s County, MD   1
Religion     Catholic  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Clark, Robert1610before 1664-07-21
Mother (Green), Winifredabout 16131656-10-01
         Clark, Robert MAR 1651/52 before 1725/6-01-31 (Julian)
    Brother     Clark, Thomas 1654-12-25 before 1711-12-04


Family of Clark, Robert

Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage between 1679 and 1684     1
Married abt 1684
(MD Prerogative Court, Testamentary Proceedings Book 13, p. 243) 10 Jul [1685].
"Mr. Ca.... Pray ... a Citacion... and ... to the Sheriffe of St. Mary's County agt. John RESWICK and Margaret his wife Executrix of the last Will and Testament of Abraham COMBES her late husband.... be ... this .... of Robert CLARKE and Sarah his wife Daughter of the Said Abraham. Lett it bee made .... the .... day of August... the Judges have appoyntd to writ. s/Ro. CARVILE. This upon Citationi ... as a Gov. Direct...
(Maryland State Archives No. SM15, Roll 76, Transcribed by Carole. Hammett, 1998)
Note: This document difficult to read

Family of Clark, Robert

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