Henshall, Thomas

Birth Name Henshall, Thomas
Gender male
Age at Death more than 41 years


(Thomas Henshall)13 (Sir Thomas Henshall) (Sir Thomas Henshawe) (Sir Thomas Henshaw)13,4

Spelled "Henshall" in early records but "Henshawe" later records.4

According to the pedigree prepared in 1701 by grandson Joshua Henshaw, Thomas was from "Derby, in the County Palantine of Lancaster".4

He married - Kendrick. Thomas married a daughter of the Kendricks "of Prescot in the County Palantine of Lancaster, or rather of Kendrick's Cross, in the same parish".4,9,38 (This might have been Alice Kendrick or Kenricke).a

In the Walton On The Hill church records Thomas was listed as a resident of "Darbye"b (Derby) so one could assume that all of his children were probably born there.c

He then married Elizabeth Wainwright, Jan 20 1625, Walton on the Hill, Lancashire, England.13,18 NOTE: This is pure speculation that it was *this* Thomas who married Elizabeth Wainwright (second wife?) - it could have been a different Thomas, although the proximity of dates and identical parish location seem to indicate it was probably this Thomas.

Thomas, during the reign of James I, had Arms restored to him that had previously belonged to his ancestor, Sir Thomas Henshaw, and had a crest added, and he was knighted.4 Thomas Henshall died c1631.4,9,38 According to Joshua's 1701 pedigree, Thomas died in Toxter Park (or Toxteth Park), near "Liverpool in the same County near 70 years ago"4 (making it c1631).

Note: Thomas' parents are not known for sure. It appears that his parents might have been William Henshall and Margerie Gyll because of the following: The records of the parish of Walton on the Hill in Lancashire show Thomas' marriage and also his children's christenings. Also recorded at Walton on the Hill are records of several other Henshawe/Henshalls at approximately the same time period and about the same age as Thomas.13,18 One of these records is the christening of Margerie Henshall, which shows her parents were William Henshall and Margerie Gyll.13,18 It appears that Margerie was Thomas' sister and therefore William Henshall was his father.

But there is also speculation from Tom Henshaw that perhaps Thomas might be connected with the family of Roger Henshawe of Farnsworth, near Prescot,c because Thomas married a Kendrick of Prescot. Roger did havea son named Thomas, born about 1572.d Also living at Farnsworth, near Prescot was Raphe Henshawe (probably brother to Roger above), who also had a son named Thomas, born about 1570.d Either of these Thomas's from Farnsworth might be this Thomas.c

See also: Thomas d'Derbye Henshaw.


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(a) Speculation.

(b) Contribution from Tom Henshaw.

(c) Speculation by Tom Henshaw.

(d) Contribution from Tom Henshaw citing: LDS IGI.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth before 1590 Derby, in the County Palantine of Lancaster, England    
Event Note

His eldest born in 1607

Death 1631 Toxteth Park, Lancashire, England    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Henshall, William
Mother Gyll, Margarie
         Henshall, Thomas before 1590 1631
    Sister     Henshall, Margarie 1591-12-02


Family of Henshall, Thomas and Kendrick, Alice?

Married Wife Kendrick, Alice? ( * + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Henshall, John1611