Smith, Thomas

Birth Name Smith, Thomas
Gender male


`Brinspittal', is a `phonetic' corruption of `Briantspuddle', a small hamlet in Dorset, Dictionary of English Place names.

The name seems to have been in the Doomsday Book under the `general' name of Pidele which is translated as
being `an estate on the River (in this case, a lesser Trent) and from 1452, this particular one was owned by a man
called Brian. It is located approx. midway between Dorchester and Poole and lies a little south of the A35 main road.
Nearest town is Bere Regis but the famous `Tolpuddle (another extraction of Pidele) is about 2- 3 miles NW.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth between 1563 and 1592 Brinspittae, Dorchester, England    


Family of Smith, Thomas


[4675] "A Memorial of Rev. Thomas Smith"
Susan Augusta Smith
Avery & Doten, Plymouth, 1895, p8
"and his sisters Hannah and Tumson, then living in England"

Name Birth Date Death Date
Smith, Hannah
Smith, Tumson
Smith, John1614-03-111710-10-02


    1. Smith, Thomas
        1. Smith, John
        2. Smith, Hannah
        3. Smith, Tumson