Smith, John

Birth Name Smith, John
Gender male
Age at Death 96 years, 6 months, 22 days


The Rev. John Smith of Barnstable and Sandwich, cape came to New England in 1630 in the White Angel. He was born in 1614 the only son and heir of Thomas Smith of Brinspittae, Dorchester, Engl; settled in barnstable Great Marshes in NEGHS vol. 31 pg.268-76

Aftere Mr. Lathrop's death 8 Nov 1653, Rev. Mr. smith was natural choice for pastor and made a start; but presently Barnstable thorugh disaffection largely due to his brother-in-lawthe future Gov. Hinckley." He went to Long Island, then to Westbridge, NJ as a founder, was a deputy of the New Jersey Assembly, and served as assistant. In 1675 he was happily settled at Sandwich, Cape Cod, dying in extreme old age. Historian noted:" parishes distant from each other, he served able to accoompany him everywhere and bless his labors abundantly."
"The Pioneers of Massachusetts"
Charles Henry Pope, Boston, MA, 1900
"Massachusetts Genealogical Records, 1600s-1800s" CD-ROM, 2000
p421: "SMITH, Rev. John, yeoman, minister, Barnstable, abt. 1643. Adm. chh. Oct. 6, 1644; prop. frm.
6 June, 1649, frm. 5 June, 1651. Juryman; deputy. App. to attend meetings of the Quakers and hear their
defense. Reported in their favor. Withdrew from the communion of the church for conscientious reasons;
was "declared noe member for that reason only," but restored later. Preached occasionally at Bar. In
Sept. 1661, he led in organizing a church which a council refused to approve. [MS. in Mass. Hist. Coll.,
quoted by Felt.] Was called to be pastor at Sandwich. Accepted, and served them from 1673 till 1689.
Res. at Sand, in 1694. Sold house and lands in Bar. 21 Oct. 1667, for £ 150. He m. about June 13, 1643,
Susanna, dau. of Samuel Hinckley; ch. Samuel bapt. Oct 20, 1644, Sarah bapt. May 11, 1645, Ebenezer
b. and d. 1646, Mary bapt. Nov. 21, 1649, Dorcas bapt. Aug. 38, 1650, John b. and d. 1651, Shubael bapt
March 16, 1652-3, John b. Sept. 1656, Benjamin b. Jan. 7, 1658, Ichabod b. Jan. 7, 1660, Elizabeth b. Feb. 1662,
Thomas b. Feb. 1664, Joseph b. Dec. 6, 1667."

"Vital Records of the Towns of Barnstable and Sandwich"
Leonard & Norma Smith; Mayflower Descendant, 1901-1935
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p136: "Died...Mr. John Smith, Oct. 22d (1710)"

"Genealogical Research in England: Hinckley Entries in the Registers of
St. Mildred's Church, Tenterden, 1544-1638"
Elizabeth French
NEHGR v65 p315 (Oct 1911)
(Other Hinckley data is included, along with a summary genealogy.)
p318: "(Susannah Hinckley) m. abt. 13 Jun 1643, Rev. John Smith and had issue."

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"SMITH, Rev.? John & Susannah HINCKLEY; 13 Jun 1643; Barnstable"

"American Marriage Records Before 1699"
Clemens, William Montgomery.
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"John SMITH & Susanna Hinkley, 1642, Barnstable, MA"

"Genealogical Notes of Barnstable Families"
Otis, Amos
Barnstable, Mass.: F.B. & F.P. Goss, 1888-90; p236
Lists all 13 children with birthdates, but concludes: "When we try to untangle
the mystery of the Smith family the Johns are so numerous that it is difficult -
yea, impossible - to decide which Smith is involved in the investigation."

"A Memorial of Rev. Thomas Smith"
Susan Augusta Smith
Avery & Doten, Plymouth, 1895, p7
"for by a deposition of his taken in the settlement of some probate matters quoted in Freeman's History
of Cape Cod, it appears he was the son of Thomas Smith, of Brinspittae, about five miles from Dorchester,
in Dorsetshire, was then "February 8th, 1651, in Barnstable, only son and heir, supposeth his age to be 37,
it being next May 21 years since he came out of England" and that his sisters Hannah and Tumson, then
living in England. It would seem therefrom, that he was born in 1614, and came to New England in 1630...
In 1640 he joined the church at Barnstable, and in a few years became brother-in-law to Gov. Thomas
Hinckley, by marrying his sister Susannah... John Smith and Susannah his wife had thirteen children, nine
of whom were sons."

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Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1614-03-11 Powerstock, Dorset, , England    
Immigration 1630   England to Barstable, MA, USA  
Death 1710-10-02 Sandwich, Barnstable Co., MA    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Smith, Thomasbetween 1563 and 1592
         Smith, John 1614-03-11 1710-10-02
    Sister     Smith, Hannah
    Sister     Smith, Tumson


Family of Smith, John and Hinckley, Susanna

Married Wife Hinckley, Susanna ( * 1625-11-06 + 1675-11-06 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Smith, Shubal1653-03-131733-04-05