Huddleston, Valentine

Birth Name Huddleston, Valentine
Gender male
Age at Death 99 years, 5 months, 7 days


Father of Valentine Huddleston is unknown. He is variously speculated to be:
1) Valentine Huddlestone b 1603/1606 England (private msg Don Cordell)
2) Ferdinando Huddlestone and Jane Grey who had a son named "Barentyne"
3) Capt John Huddleston -

The following Huddleston Genealogy is taken from "Huddleston Family Tables" compiled by George Huddleston of Birmingham, Alabama 1933. Text is available for purchase through Higginson Book Store in Salem, Mass. Also see Gage Genealogy on file at the Nokomis Library in Nokomis, Montgomery County, Il. Also see DAR Record copy of Belinda Suzanne Clayton, National #784871. Belinda is the paternal 7th great grandaughter of Captain William Montgomery Gage, whose married Mercy Huddleston. Valentine and Katherine (Chatham) Huddleston were the paternal 9th great grandparents of Olin Dale Clayton of Raymond, Il.

Valentine Huddleston immigrated to Maryland about 1663. He had numerous transactions in land on Patuxent River, in Calvert County, Maryland, between that date and 1671, when he is believed to have migrated to Newport, R.I., about the time of his marriage to Katherine Chatham. He was living at Newport at the time of the birth of his sons, Henry in 1673 and George in 1677-see "Savage's Dictionary of First Settlers", V. 2, p.487.
He was one of the 56 persons to whom on 06 Nov 1684, William Bradford and associates conveyed lands which included the present site of New Bedford (Dartmouth), Mass., which they had previously purchased from the Indians. Upon division, each purchaser received 800 acres. Valentine Huddleston lived and died there, as did several generations of his descendants.
Notes: Katherine Chatham was the widow of John Chamberlain, by whom she had Henry, b. 1659; William, b. 1661; Susannah, b. 1664; Peleg, b. 1666; Jane, b. 1667. Her sons lived in Monmouth, N.J. beginning about 1680.
"Historical Misc.", by Stillwell, 248; 3 ib. pgs. 158-161.

Katherine Chatham was a Quakeress, who had been cruelly persecuted in Boston, see "New England Judged" by Bishop, page 420. "Yet a word or two of Katherine Chatham of whom I have made mention in the margin of what hath been said before. She came from London through many trials and hard travels to Boston and appeared clothed with sackcloth as a sign of the indignation of the Lord coming upon you in the weight and sense of which she came there and appeared for which instead of coming to a sense of your condition and what was coming upon you in the burden of which she came so far and through such hardship. You laid hand upon her and put her in prison out of which you would give no deliverance until with the seven and twenty aforesaid you drove her out with sword and club into the wilderness and that was the reward you gave her for her love in coming so amongst you. And such was your rage and cruelty to her that at Dudham she was not only whipped but the man that was with her and traveled together though you had little to say to him. After this she coming to Boston again you imprisoned her a long season there to pay a fine you laid upon her thinking to be rid of her that way in cold winter and sad extremities and sickness near to death but the Lord otherwise provided for her and disappointed you for she was took to wife by John Chamberlain and so became an inhabitant of Boston 1660.

Valentine Huddleston's son George, with his family, appeared to have disappeared out of Massachusetts about 1730. It is possible that they may have found a group or groups in other colonies. Henry's descendants are scattered through the States. A large group of them now reside in Eastern Indiana. The 1790 Census shows Peleg, with family of 3 males and 3 females, in Bristol County, Mass and Seth in Guilford County, N.C.

See N.E. Historical Genealogical Register, V. 20. Valentine Huddleston was born in 1628 and died in 1727 and married Katherine (Chatham) Chamberlain. Children of Valentine and Katherine (Chatham) Huddleston were: Henry born 1673 and married Sarah Case, George born 1677 and married Mary Case and Katherine who married Joseph Collins in 1698. Notes: George Huddleston was living in Dartmouth, Mass on 15 Dec. 1715, on which date his father Valentine Huddleston deeded him part of his original "800 acres" for the settling of his son George for the future. Sarah and Mary (Case) Huddleston were daughters of James Case, and witnessed a deed in 1719. Mary was wife of George and he and Henry having married sisters. Children of George and Mary (Case) Huddleston were: Isaac, who married Eleanor Mortimer and Richard, who married Sarah Tallman.
Isaac and Eleanor (Mortimer) Huddleston were parents of: Mercy, who married Captain William Montgomery Gage, the son of William and Hannah (Davis) Gage. William and Mercy (Huddleston) Gage were married 06 May 1748 in Dartmouth, Mass. Marriage license is on file in Boston, Mass. Hannah Davis was the daughter of William and Mary (Makepeace) Davis. Mary Makepeace was the daughter of William and Ann (Johnson) Makepeace. William Makepeace was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Mellowes) Makepeace. See "The Genealogy of the Makepeace Families in the United States From 1637-1857" by William Makepeace, copyright 1858. Book may be purchased through Higginson Book Store in Salem, Mass. Other children of Isaac and Eleanor (Mortimer) Huddleston were Chloe, who married Thomas Gaige, George, who married Sarah Crandall, Joseph, who married Elizabeth Gaige, Mary Jane, who married Joseph Gaige and Jean.

Children of Captain William Montgomery Gage and Mercy Huddleston were:
John, William, Isaac, Walter, George, Robert, Joseph, Hannah, Richard, Benjamin, Mercy, Mary and Eleanor

Walter Gage married Phoebe (?) abt 1775. Walter Gage served in the Revolutionary War as a Pvt for the state of Vermont under Captain's Ormsby and Calkins. Walter and Phoebe (?) Gage were parents of: Peter, Ama, Jeremiah, William Montgomery (4th great grandfather of Olin Dale Clayton), Samuel, Orange, Richard, Chase and Benjamin.

William Montgomery Gage married Salome Noble, daughter of Solomon and Lucy (Holcomb) Noble. They were parents of: Deidamia, Chrislor, Harriet, Julia, Horace, Horatio, James, Whitney and Amos Barnum Gage (3rd great grandfather of Olin Dale Clayton) After the death of Salome Noble, William Montgomery Gage married Abigail Higbee of Chittenden, Vermont. They were parents of: Myra, Abigail, Walter, Orange and Salome.

Amos Barnum Gage married Susan Fonda, descendant of Jellis Douwese Fonda of Amsterdam, Holland. They were parents of William Montgomery Gage II (2nd great grandfather of Olin Dale Clayton), James Horatio Gage, Amos Whitney Gage and Effie Noble Gage.

William Montgomery Gage married Mary Melissa Sides in Nokomis, Il, daughter of Matthias and Sarah (Bost) Sides. William Montgomery Gage was a skilled carpenter and was Secretary of the 1st Carpenters Local established in Nokomis, Il. William and Mary (Sides) Gage were parents of:
Lulu Luetta (Gage) Hulbert, Elmer Gage, Suavilla Edna Gage, who died young and Curtis Burwell Gage, who died in a tragic drowning accident in Christian County on 13 July 1911, he was 17 years of age. William and Mary (Sides) Gage and their children Suavilla and Curtis are buried in the Nokomis Cemetery in Nokomis, Il. No stone exists.

Lulu Gage married Warren Franklin Hulbert, son of Warren Moses and Martha (Traylor) Hulbert. Warren and Lulu (Gage) Hulbert were parents of: Suavilla Isadora (Hulbert) Gage, Lloyd William Hulbert, Howard E., Everett W., Grace E., Edna and Ida Mae. We visited with Kathryn (Bowman) Hulbert a few days ago, who lives in Ramsey, Il. She had quite a wonderful collection of family photos that we all enjoyed looking at. Kathryn is the daughter of Lloyd and Josephine (Casselberry) Hulbert. Warren and Lulu (Gage) Hulbert are buried in the Nokomis Cemetery in Nokomis, Il.

Suavilla Isadora Hulbert married Charles Leo Clayton in Nokomis, Il.
Charles Leo Clayton was the son of Charles Henry and Martha Elizabeth (Bass) Clayton.
Charles Henry Clayton was the son of Henry and Abigail (Chapman) Clayton.
Henry Clayton was born in England and died when his only child was almost 2, in 1878.
Charles Leo and Suavilla (Hulbert) Clayton were farmers all their lives, both are buried in Nokomis Cemetery in Nokomis, Il. They were parents of: Paul, who died at birth, Dale Everett Clayton, Charles Warren Clayton and Carl Marvin Clayton. All 3 sons served in WW II.

Dale Everett Clayton married Lavonne Armentrout, daughter of John and Myrtle (Eddington) Armentrout. Dale and Lavonne were married on the old Armentrout homestead in Witt, Il in 1945. Dale served in the US Navy during WW II, as a Radarman 2nd Class aboard the carrier Nehenta Bay. Dale and Lavonne have farmed all their lives and presently reside in Witt. They are parents of: Kenneth, Merle, Olin, Anita, Yvonne, James, Lester, Gail and Janice.

Olin Dale Clayton was born in Montgomery County, Il. He is married to Barbara Hays, daughter of the late Dewey and Florence (Altevogt) Hays. Olin is employed with Bridgestone/Firestone Tire in Decatur, Il and Barb is a traveling RN. They are parents of: Belinda Suzanne Clayton and Andrew Olin Dale Clayton



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1628 England    
Immigration 1663 MD   1
Event Reference Note

Name: Valentine Huddlestone
Year: 1663
Place: Maryland
Source Publication Code: 8510
Primary Immigrant: Huddlestone, Valentine
Annotation: Index from manuscript by Arthur Trader, Chief Clerk in the Maryland Land Commission, 1917. And see nos. 4507-4511, Land Notes.
Source Bibliography: SKORDAS, GUST, editor. The Early Settlers of Maryland: an Index to Names of Immigrants, Compiled from Records of Land Patents, 1633-1680, in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1968. 525p. Repr. 1986.
Page: 243

Death 1727-06-08 Acushnet, MASS   2a


Family of Huddleston, Valentine and Chatham, Katherine

Married Wife Chatham, Katherine ( * about 1635 + between 1692 and 1702 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1670   Marriage of Huddleston, Valentine and Chatham, Catherine  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Huddleston, Henry1673-09-21
Huddleston, George1677-09-28
Huddleston, Catherine1679
Huddleston, Jean1681

Source References

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      • Source Reference Note:

        Original entry "Valentine Hudlestone deceased ye 8th day of ye month called June [1727] in the ninety-ninth year of his age"