Wallace, John

Birth Name Wallace, John
Gender male
Age at Death 67 years


See note on Susanna Wallace Myers that she had a brother named John too.

In Early Land Boards of Canada ( Lunenberg District was original name of Dundas,etc), of 7 Wallaces, "John" appears 3 times, along with Anthony and Martin.
Given Name(s): John
Surname: Wallace
Year: 1790
Description: Schedule of locations
Volume: 12
Page(s): 122, 127
Microfilm Reel Number: C-14028
Reference: RG 1 L4
Item Number: 15547

Anthony and John Wallace look like brothers in the early Matilda settlers of Lunenberg. Families listed in "The Story of Dundas County":
Anthony Wallace's family: Peter, Nicholas, Mary, Hester, Amanda
John Wallace's family: Anthony, David, Daniel, John, Solomon, Catharine, Elizabeth

Anthony was baptised 14 July, 1793, son of John Wallace/Walliser and Christine Fell, who were married on 27 March 1792. Appears to have been of German descent.
His brother John was definitely born 1804 so probably not Susanna's brother.

Possible matching immigration record: John Wallace "settled in Toronto as carpenter from Ireland in 22 April 1819"
"Irish Immigrants in North America, 1775-1825"


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1801      
Death 1868 Ontario, Canada   1a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Wallace, Johnson
         Wallace, John 1801 1868
    Sister     Wallace, Susannah 1803-12-15 1874-08-24


Family of Wallace, John and (Wallace), Ann

Married Wife (Wallace), Ann ( * 1810-08-00 + 1865-05-05 )

May have had a daughter, also buried in Colquhuon Cemetery:
Row 4 "at the road, going south"
COL 29
WALLACE Christena (broke)
d Dec 15, 1867 ae 28 years 4 mo’s 15 ds
Daughter of ……. (broke off) . . & Ann Wallace

This burial is only a few plots from John Wallace & Susanna Wallace Myers.

In the same reference, burials of John & Ann Wallace, 4 stones from Susannah:
COL 45 WALLACE (footstone) John Wallace 1801 – 1868
COL 46 WALLACE (footstone) Ann wife of John Wallace May 5, 1865 ae 54 y’rs & 9 m’s

, and not far from them, John Nimmo Wallace & Agnes Myers. Very curious!

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