Davenport, John

Birth Name Davenport, John
Gender male
Age at Death more than 83 years


Curious coincidence: Lucy Davenport b~1790 VA to David Davenport and Sarah, marries John Carter Hall in Washington Co, KY 1813.

Daughter Elizabeth Williams death cert has parents "Joel and Lucy Davenport"

Possible that John is son of Joseph Davenport instead ( half-brother to Joseph, Jr, Henry, James, Charles). Family lore claimed the 4 brothers of Jackson Co, TN had a brother named John.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1767 Bedford, VA    
Event Note

age and where born from "Bedford Co, VA" from 1850 Census, living with granddaughter Polly Williams in Russell Co, VA , occ. "pauper"

Death after 1850 Washington, Virginia    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Stepfather Davenport, Glover1719about 1785
Stepmother Jouett?, Ann
    Brother     Davenport, Joseph or John? about 1750 after 1810 (Unknown, Unknown)
    Brother     Davenport, Moses about 1756 1778
         Davenport, John 1767 after 1850 (Unknown, Unknown)


Family of Davenport, John and Hall, Lucy

Married Wife Hall, Lucy ( * between 1770 and 1780 + between 1840 and 1850 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1791-12-12 Franklin Co.,TN    

Details on descendants of John Davenport from family researcher Bonnie Davenport (private communication) or Lisa Goodwin's tree here -

John & Lucy Davenport bought land in Russell Co 24 Oct 1805
John Davenport in Washington Co, VA 1810 Census, but also in 1810 Russell Co, VA Property Tax List w/ "Isam Hall"
1814 Russell County Tax List "240 acres On both sides of Big Cedar Creek"
Not clear if 1820 TN Census is complete, but Bonnie has numerous references to John in Claiborne Co, TN then.
However, there are 2 John Davenport's in Washington Co, VA 1820.
John is Isham's neighbor in Scott 1830 and Russell 1850 Counties, VA
David is Isham's neigbor in 1840 Claiborne Co, TN. John and Lucy in Russell Co, VA 1840.
John lives with granddaughter's family, Andrew and Polly Williams, in Russell Co, VA 1850.

This John is claimed by Pamunkey's to be son of Glover Davenport. His brother was Joseph who is the most likely candidate for the father of the 4 brothers who went to Jackson County, TN. Other children in this family from the Pamunkey Chronicles. It also lists other brothers of John as Matthew (the eldest), Joel, William, and Moses.

Note the coincidental dates in the account of Elisha and John Davenport here -
Elisha moved to Wayne Co, KY after 1800 which is just up the Cumberland River from Jackson Co, TN.
He is "Elisha Devenport" in the 1830 census , age 70-79. Descendants do not match Y-DNA of our Davenports.

Some have confused this John with one from Patrick Co, VA (married Nancy Burnett; father probably Elisha Davenport)
Elisha Davenport moved to Wayne Co, KY? (born 1740-1750; died after 1830)
Susan Davenport Dobkins of Wayne Co, KY here has parents "John and Lucy Davenport" on her death cert. She was born 1809 in "Patrick Co, VA" and probably belongs in this family.
Kentucky, Death Records, 1852-1963
Name: Susan Dobkins [Susannah Davenport]
Death Date: 25 Nov 1859
Death Location: Wayne, Kentucky, USA
Residence Location: Wayne
Age: 51
Gender: Female
Race: White
Birth Date: abt 1808
Father's name: John Davenport
Mother's name: Lucy Davenport

May possibly be another son born between Isham and William (note the gap in births). A Y-DNA matching line descends from someone known only as "Traveling Man" Davenport said to be born 1811 VA. We don't have the 1820 Census to confirm, and he could have left before the 1830 Census. A likely candidate is the Benjamin R Davenport of Marion Co, KY who married Nancy Blain. Their children's names match this family.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Davenport, John Jrabout 1794
Davenport, Elizabeth1795-08-051881-04-08
Davenport, Lucindaabout 17981882-11-00
Davenport, Lucyabout 18001880-12-24
Davenport, Joelabout 1802
Davenport, Rachel Jabout 1803
Davenport, Isham Jackson18051891-02-02
Davenport, Susannah18081859-11-25
Davenport, William1812between 1860 and 1870
Davenport, Margaretabout 1814
Davenport, David1815after 1880